May 2015 Release Notes
May 29th
  • Fixed an issue with pagination
  • Ran a job to clean up all deleted members, so if you've been seeing "email already taken" errors, they should now be no longer taken
  • Fixed a couple of smaller issues stemming from the new RSS update.

May 28th
  • Reworked RSS Feeds:
    • Added Category feeds
    • Added RSS Feed auto-discovery (helpful as more sophisticated readers can now discover feeds from your community)
    • RSS now passes's validator
    • RSS feeds are available in atom format (change .rss to .atom)
  • Fixed a bug with roadmap not showing up on initial "opt-in"
  • Made it so PDFs show up in the browser (they no longer force-download)

May 22nd
  • Fixed profile image upload not orienting the picture correctly
  • Fixed "open in new window" to actually open in a new window
  • Fixed upload error with IE11
  • Fixed access to the product roadmap
  • Fixed edit button not working when in gallery view
  • Changed unapproved posts to no longer allow you to comment until they're approved
  • Fixed board theme to truly disable gallery mode with data-gallery-mode attribute

May 19th
  • Fixed noembed from throwing errors due to expired ssl
  • Fixed certain websites (notably from being unable to generate previews.

May 12th
  • Fixed category and list select boxes being too small for their contents in create post and edit post modals
  • Clicking outside new/edit post modal no longer closes it. This helps you to not lose your un-saved content, click with confidence!

May 11th
  • Made country drop down in sign-up, settings and admin panel have a search bar so you can use keyboard to quickly select and find your country (this also applies to any select drop down with more than 40 items)
  • Made birthday field take up less space.

May 7th

  • Fixed video preview for youtube to correctly load the video being posted
  • Fixed an issue which reset template page privacy back to default after being edited
  • Adding debugging to help us identify an issue with deleting users
  • Fixed positioning of Edit button on Clean theme when voting is turned on
  • Turned off # of comments display if Custom Code setting is chosen.
  • Fixed certain select boxes not properly displaying selected values (such is a drop down for main menu)

May 5th
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly remove images from image posts when editing posts
  • Fixed share dialog, it now properly shows up.
  • Made /facebook and /twitter valid pages
  • lowercased 'edit' buttons on stream theme and removed edit from mini-activity

May 4th
  • Creating a custom template with url /social now correctly works
  • Re-added gallery.rendered event
  • Improved rendering of Facebook like buttons in gallery view
  • Added {{post.url}} to custom comment code to allow for further customization of comment code

    • 3
    Stepan Mazurov Lots of fixes right before Memorial Day!
    • 1
    AA Will you guys upgrade Youtube API too? With June 3rd, Youtube disabled their API v2 so the SE stopped working, can't embed Youtube videos. When will the Video upgrade be release? Thank you!
    • 1
    Stepan Mazurov Big update to RSS feeds just got pushed live.
    • 1
    Eugene Stepan, is a self-hosted SE Cloud version? It looks like it has non-standard functionality.
      • 1
      Stepan Mazurov is one of the sites users link to a lot and link-preview wasn't working. Its not affiliated in any way with SE.
    • 1
    Garfield Thank you! :-)