July 2015 Release Notes
We had a pretty slow month related to new features on Cloud for June, so for the first time in over a year, we haven't posted dedicated release notes for the month. We did do some fixes, so they're documented below for anthropological reasons.

July 28th
  • Closed an embarrassing security hole that only affected demo site. No account information was leaked.
  • Upgraded AWS library to the latest version - this has no effect on the functionality of the site, but if something is wonky with the way uploads are handled, let us know.

July 23rd
  • Fixed and issue with logos not updating and greatly improved media manager. Its easier than ever to set your logo and favicon.
  • Fixed an issue with custom css not updating after making changes
  • Fixed an issue with board theme members page profile photos breaking out of their areas. The egos of the profile photos were slightly bruised, but they will be fine.
  • Fixed an issue with disqus that would show up when you switched the domain and made post title detection more robust. 

July 13th
  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate youtube thumbnails
  • Made it trivially easy to remove branding from your community while retaining privacy and terms of service links and copyright notice
  • Changed how validation and saving of data is done in the admin to prepare for intercom integration

July 3rd
  • Fixed an issue with large photos that are used on mobile devices not being created when you use upload a photo feature. 
  • Changed the way image uploads are treated, they no longer trigger a forced download, and simply display in browser.

June 21st
  • Fixed an issue preventing rss feed import from being scheduled.

June 18th
  • Fixed the app which is used for some Facebook functionality (like buttons and invites). It now uses your custom app if you have supplied one
  • We no longer use your custom Facebook app if there are any setup errors (such as incorrect url or missing permission)
    • 1
    Shashank Aggarwal Pardon my ignorance, but how do I go about setting the favicon?
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      Stepan Mazurov If you go to Media manager and upload either a small enough .gif or .ico file, you will be presented with an option to set it as a favicon after you reload the page.
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    Stepan Mazurov new release fixes some caching bugs, css and improves the media manager