Newbie - Need help making sense of the socialengine madness (

Hey ,

Im a newbie - just purchased the socialengine advanced pavckage.

Whats the best hosting company with support - that know socialengine inside out and will do some hand holding as I set up my portal?

Should I have bout only the $299 kit and invested in addons vs buying the whole package?

Any info would be useful, as I feel I dont know a lot of basic stuff .

The hosting companies Ive tried dont even know how to set it up correctly.


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    Eugene If you are starting a new community and looking for an affordable hosting options consider some self-managed VPS options. Like linode, digitalocean or AWS.

    You can get one of SE companies setup it for you once and check on a monthly basis. Usually that will work considerably faster than going with general-purpose managed hosting packages.

    Keep in mind that you will be required to learn some basic server administration things. And you might not have cpanel. But a hosting package for ~40usd/month configured by a company familiar with SE can actually outperform a generic dedicate server from company not familiar with SE setup (for 100+ usd/month).
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    playmusician Developers - HI Im a newbie at social engine and trying to talk to someone who can guide me as to what I would need to get my companys (Playmusician) custom needs to fruition
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    playmusician Hosting wise - I have so far evaluated 1) TMDHosting (excellent support , but need to upgrade to VPS for speed and support) 2) Siteground (below par support ) 3) hostupon ( excellent support, but not really socialengine experts 3) Arvixe - below par support - 4) fastcomet ( no real telephone support). Im feeling that after being handed over by sales people - there are no experts to resolve or walk though / talk through someone who wants to create a social engine businesss platform. :( Since I want my company to have a long term relationship with the hosting company , I thought btheyd be eager to walk a newbie through, Im concerned about speed and performance and the plugins issue - for my needs. It all seems very fragmented. Help :)
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    SocialEngineAddOns Hi [183089,playmusician],

    Thanks for choosing SocialEngine as a platform for your online community.

    You may choose Amazon web hosting for your hosting requirements. You only pay for the boxes when they run, and you only pay for storage that’s actually in use, so your startup costs are minimal. Many of our clients are using this and we have received a great positive feedback.

    You may read more on 'SocialEngine Setup and Installation on Amazon Cloud (AWS)' at:

    For any queries, you may contact us:

    Thank You.
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      playmusician Hi @socialengineaddons , thanks for your help. I am evaluating TMDhosting and fastcomet. I have tried to reach you guys - cause I wanted to know more about the Advance package - no one has replied to me yet. I am trying to create a musicians network & event management portal (reverbnation meets bandmix) and need help to see what would work for my custom needs. I purchased the fuill blown version of socialengine , but being a newbie finding it hard to get relevant information as to how to go about this. Thanks
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        SocialEngineAddOns Hi [183089,playmusician]

        We tried to contact you on your phone no.: ‘201-546-5405’, but could not get through.

        You may call us at our Office No.: +91-9136773059 till 6:00 PM (GMT + 05:30), and you may ask for your call to be forwarded to Ritu. Alternatively you may send all your queries at our email id:, and we'll get back to you quick.

        Looking forward to your revert.
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    playmusician Thanks guys, am evaluated the feedback you gave me. TMD Hosting vs Arvixe - is there any difference ? Also in the plug-in world ( We are trying to create a site (like reverbnation meets band mix meets facebook ) members / events / audio / video etc. Which plugins hire-experts vs socialaddons - would be appropriate ?
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      Eugene Always have a test installation to try different plugins. As it's hard to remove them cleanly.

      If you are starting a new community try as few plugins as possible. Your logic should be simple - if you can regularly generate content and moderate a specific section (for example forum) - install it. Otherwise don't.

      It's better to start with less plugins and add more later on as community grows. No website sections are better then empty stagnant sections.

      For audio / video may I suggest you to check our plugin Media Projects?
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      Hire-Experts We are happy to be useful for you. :)
      Our company offers subscription plans which provide you all our plugins for a small payment every month. You may subscribe to Standard plan (only $39 per each month), consider our plugins and choose those are most appropriate to you.

      Please, read more on our official site -
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    Hire-Experts Hi! We are happy to see you in SE community!

    Let me recommend you optimized SocialEngine hosting from Hire-Experts and our partner Hostiso. More detailed information you can find on our web site:

    It also must be noted that if you migrate to our partner's hosting, you receive a bonus of 100$ which you can spend for acquiring Plugins or to pay for Subscriptions (
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    Stepan Mazurov Hey [183089,playmusician] Here's some hosting providers we recommend:

    - - they're in the process of getting their support trained on socialengine, but they offer installation, free plugin installs, etc.

    If you're needing more custom work, then check out our sephp developers: