Social Engine Addons vs YouNet ( Plugin Vendor Comparisions)
Hey Guys,
Would greatly appreciate any feedback and your expertise !!

We ( social engine newbies) are looking  to create a sophisticated artist and event management portal.
- would require advanced membership / advanced events / advanced everything.

We are looking to go with a plugin vendor for THE LONG HAUL to realize our vision.
The plugin vendor needs to be reliable , have latest updated features and help support us along the way.

We have narrowed it down to SocialEngine Addons vs YouNet

Question1 ) Is it possible or normal to use 2 different plugin vendors integrated with our database / web portal ??
Question 2) Please let us know what you think of the information weve got about these 2 plugin vendors.


SEA Pros
- Lots of features which we could use
- they have subscription plan for installationa nd support 
* any idea if its worth it?

SEA Cons
-Only supports AWS hosting 

-AWS hosting panel is complex and pricey along the way
*We want to go with fastcomet or TMD - they do not support it

-Their support is lacking and cumbersome to build a relationship or help us to decide which plugins and subscriptions we want to buy

They have great testimonials from subscribers 
-They have YOumusic plugin
*any idea if this a stable plugin ?
- They dont have live support - no is unreachable
- Dont know if they are the right partners for the long haul
Any comment / feedback and help wou;d be greatly appreciated to help us make a decision
Thank you so much !

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    Eugene > SEA Cons
    -Only supports AWS hosting

    Why is that?

    If you are starting a new community - don't install "all advanced" plugins you can find. Install bare minimum, get members -> add more plugins as you go.

    If you are starting with less plugins you will get the following benefits:

    1. You will rely on 3rd party support less.

    2. Functionality will be more streamlined and easier for new members

    3. You will have less website sections, meaning existing sections will be more popular. There is nothing worse than a view of stagnant community section.

    4. You will be able to keep community members engaged by asking them what they need to add and adding some of those features.

    Take a look on reddit features. It's pretty empty, yet that's one of the most popular self-sustained communities.
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      playmusician Thanks Eugene for all the feedback :)
      To start off, the basic SE Core I have purchased has very basic features
      To make it an attractive portal
      I do want to have advanced management features of members as an admin.

      Im trying to understand what plugins are basically required from vendors
      to have an efficient SE site.

      We wanna start off with a built attractive portal from the get go

      examples :
      - Theme layout
      - Adavanced admin/membership features
      -classified ads features
      - listings

      My question is if I install a plugin and want to upgrade it or replace it...
      Does it affect the functioning of my site and disrupt my users experience?

      Thanks so much for the great advice :))
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        Eugene A good practice is to have 2 installations.

        Before you install or update any plugin on live installation - do in of your test setup. And see if everything is working fine. This way you will avoid a lot of problems. New plugins/upgrades can disrupt user experience. They can even stop website from functioning normally. A simple example here is a conflict between two 3rd party plugins.

        Good luck with your community!