October 2015 Release Notes
Oct 15th
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain actions in the admin from working (such as downloading the theme)

Oct 14th
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent auto-load to working in case google analytics was blocked from loading

Oct 11th
  • Fixed an issue with iPad not having "upload image" button. 

Oct 5th

  • Fixed youtube integration that in certain cases would stop working due to a misconfigured refresh token, we should now always ask for one, so if your youtube videos haven't been importing, just reconnect YouTube!
  • Fixed bulleted lists not being bulleted in board theme and the feed of clean theme. Thanks mostly to lots of bulleted lists used for these releases, stream theme was spared of this fate
  • Added admin activity tracking using Intercom, this will pave the way to better onboard users as well as figure out which features are most used. We're also looking to switch to intercom for our support needs.