November 2015 Release Notes
Nov 30th
  • Added validation that now prevents images without a title to be posted.
  • Cleaned up internal usage of our Facebook integration.
  • When adding multiple categories, the initial order will be set to the order in which categories are entered.
  • Adjusted Instagram embed to account for query strings in the url (such as ?taken-by=smazurov).

Nov 23rd
  • Fixed over-ambitious comment nesting on mobile. Nested comments are more readable than ever
  • Removed "like" icon in the comments menu that was hidden on all themes, if your 3rd party theme depended on it, let us know
  • Fixed scrolling to the top on mobile for signin modal
  • Removed incorrect expired facebook connection message in notifications
  • Removed ability to set forget password page to private, which defeated the purpose of forget password page in the first place

Nov 13th
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent communities with certain UTF-8 characters from sending email notifications.

Nov 11th
  • Fixed an issue that prevented google analytics from saving/using entered account.
  • Added additional tracking of parameters to intercom.

Nov 2nd

  • New feature: attach thumbnails to your file posts for better visibility using board theme. We're hoping to add similar functionality to other post types in the future.
  • Fixed an issue that would endlessly prevent youtube from importing videos due to malformed authentication key. 
  • Added category id display to categories in Admin to allow for easier lookup of that ID as its needed in customizations.