December 2015 Release Notes
Dec 21st
  • Added email and date_created to frontend javascript so it can be accessed by scripts (such as intercom)
  • Removed unapproved posts from appearing in digests
  • Made post pages not show full size image, instead showing a max of 800x800px image. This avoids serving large images to bandwidth constrained users.

Dec 10th

  • Fixed an issue that showed a broken thumbnail for images uploaded as logos in the Media Manager. All images uploaded from now on will correctly have a thumbnail
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    seTweaks When uploading an existing theme ( re-writing ), I always see an error page and after refreshing the page one time it goes through.
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      Stepan Mazurov Does it work the 2nd time? There might be some limitation there as its an overwrite situation. Theme uploads are pretty primitive at the moment (one of areas we hope to improve sooner rather than later)