January 2016 Release Notes
Jan 25th
  • Added validation to rss feeds. We now double check the URLs our users enter to filter out anything that is not a valid RSS feed and show an error to the user.
  • Fixed an issue that would not correctly pull in your Cloud subscription in certain cases.

Jan 19th
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent hovercards from showing
  • Added validation to Instagram hashtags so users get feedback when entering invalid keywords into the field
  • Fixed a bug that prevented icon uploads
  • Made overwriting an existing theme a much less error prone and annoying process

Jan 12th

  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly limiting how many users could be invited per day. It now correctly limits to 1000 invites per day, where a day is an actual calendar day (in UTC).
  • Added more information to the error message notifying the admin how long they need to wait to get more invites.
  • Under certain circumstances, search would not update with new/edited posts, it is now more resilient to failure.