February 2016 Release Notes
Feb 24th
  • Fixed queue and website errors reported by our error software (no major impacts to users)

Feb 23rd
  • Hotfix to ensure our async workers get back to work

Feb 17th
  • Fixed a tricky html encoding bug that would show up in some notification emails
  • Updated OAuth1/OAuth2 dependency package.

Feb 15th
  • Updated Facebook PHP SDK to v4.
  • Added a notification when we stop auto-importing your Facebook posts due to an error
  • Added a notification in case your custom Facebook app does not have publish_actions permission.
  • Fixed a bug that would not update category number counts for a few minutes when creating/editing/deleting posts.

Feb 10th
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from going to the YouTube integration page if the account you connected did not have a G+ profile
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent certain urls from scraping correctly due to the use of "Base href" meta property
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent wysiwyg modals (such as image attachment) from displaying correctly in IE9-11
  • Package update

Feb 4th
  • We've started working on cleaning up old dependancies and open source packages we use. As such there will be updates in the future and today simply mentioning the fact we've shipped update to one of our dependancies.
  • Fixed a bug that would let your set your custom profile url to "ADMIN" which would make admin break in a frustrating way.