BUGS - Which i have found and all need to be fixed for 4.9
Hi all
Im posting all bugs i have found and raised with Social Engine via Github
I want everyone to be aware now, i fear they wont be fixed which is important so i think everyone needs to be aware, even the 3rd party developers because bugs will affect potential custom work.

Mobile Issue with Multi Select Profile Questionshttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/536

profile questions - multi select more issues found when searching membershttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/580

Yet again another bug - Profile fields section AGAIN -  regards to multilayered questions, which reacts differently on displaying data when search, based on its top level original question, either ignores all 2nd level, 3rd 4th level question/answers, or will display no members.https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/592

now the one below is spamming tools bug

I can live without this being fixed for now sacrafice to make sure all above are fixed, but the above are all bugs within the sames sectors, but various bugs in general, and weird behaviour.
If only one is fixed above, i will be deeply disappointed because its in the same area


I will say again, please let me test 4.9 on a staging server prior to press release and release, these need fixing!!!

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    Donna Hello PoeticJustice,

    Thanks for posting. We understand your concerns and want to assure you that our Github gets checked by our technicians as part of our routine. When you post several times in the same Github tracker, it causes our technicians delays in getting things fixed. This is because they have to check every report. If you submit a duplicate report, they end up checking the same bug more than once. This takes from production time as they are in testing time. Please be patient and wait for our team to address the issues you posted, without posting duplicated reports. This will help to speed the process.

    In regards to our developer beta release. This is a release meant for third party experts to be able to get their products updated prior to a client version release. This doesn't have your bug fixes in it as it is a beta just to help third parties get updated faster. It does have many bugs fixed but the most recent ones will be in the client release that we make. Our team needs time to finish those bugs. If you keep posting comments and tagging them in it, they stop what they are doing to read your updates. This again will take from development time.

    We are committed to having a great product and to making our clients happy with great websites. Please allow us time to get this product out into production ready status. :) We assure you that your concerns are noted and that we are committed to addressing our bug tracker as efficiently as possible. Right now, staff is quite tied up addressing this beta release and also, at the same time, continuing to address bugs that remain open. If you don't hear a response in the bug tracker, it is because our team is tied up fixing currently marked bugs and will get back to testing remaining open bugs as soon as possible.

    Thanks again.
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      PoeticJustice I do apologise Donna.

      I never get notifications from github, so even when tagging im unsure if you see the notifications, because when i log in, i dont see things like youve been tagged or there is a comment.

      Im passionate about SE as i love it, but some bugs are causing set backs

      please if you get time take a look at this post https://community.onsocialengine.com/post/6022905/null-entries-in-mysql-engine4-users-fields-search

      also git hub https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/593

      Ive added a video, and what i have discovered is crazy and i think its something no one who uses SE is aware of....
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        Donna I totally understand. I have websites so client view is my focus. :) It helps me to stay "grounded" and one of my sites is almost ready to be SE. Still working on it when I have time.

        For your issues, I did read all of your posts here already. I'm in the midst of also testing some bugs, writing tutorials, and checking other issues. That issue you posted is quite involved and already posted at Github. I apologize for not responding in it too but I didn't have much to update it with as I haven't turned on my local install this morning to see. My hunch is that the bug you post there will be fixed when the other bug is fixed as they are most likely related. Our technicians would know more though and as soon as they can, they will get checking bugs again. (I mean that the other bug fix could cause this issue that you raised to be fixed just by that.)

        Good thing about Github is that the issues tend not to get lost. They are easy to find when open. I hope to check your issue today if I have time but our technicians are better at knowing if these are related to the other bug already confirmed. I don't delve deeply into the code like they do. :)
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          PoeticJustice TBH what i've raised doesn't necessarily need to be tested to replicate.

          The way SE has been code since version 3 hasn't changed i dont think.

          Obvious when setting up demos and testing SE in, they would only have basic demos and not find what i found.

          Basically to sum it up when a user signs up, all the data they enter gets saved to the MySQL for that user

          But search in browse members is not searching for that data, for search its generating duplicate entries for each user purely for the browse function,

          so anything shown or hide on browse members, deletes or NULLs the entries,

          Example your starting out on SE, your gaining members but as still low numbers, you dont want users seeing search functions on browse members so you hide them all, hide gender blah blah

          regardless Gender is shown already on sign up

          Now you have 1000 members, so you decide to show gender question on browse members

          10 male users sign up after you set gender to show on on browse members...

          Now when you search browse members, and search male..... only them 10 users will show..... none of the 1000 previous, this could kill your social network, its not using users data.

          check my video , your see ;) http://sendvid.com/8apytcfd
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