4.9 Pre-Release Discount! - SocialEngine | SocialEngine Blog (blog.socialengine.com)
Many of you may have seen our recent blog for a Pre-Release sale. This sale is for anyone that wants to purchase a new license (or another new license) and includes one free upgrade if purchased with the discount code. The upgrade is to upgrade your new site from 4.8.13 to 4.9.0 and will be performed by our technicians. Terms are mentioned in the blog so please do check that.

Current clients have asked if that means they need to buy a license to get 4.9.0. That is not the case. Current clients will have access to download 4.9.0 and upgrade their sites with it. 

We are still fixing some last minute bugs that were submitted and those need to be tested. We also need to get feedback from developers once the beta version is released to them, which we expect any day now. We are definitely on the road to getting 4.9 released. :)