4.9 Teasers
I just LOVE sharing with all of you! So, here's a teaser thread to show you some things in 4.9. This doesn't show our new theme yet. I hope to have that to share with you soon. 

We would absolutely love your feedback! Want to see something specific? Please do ask and I'll do my best to take a screen of that. 

This screenshot shows the front page of my development site. I added two banners to it to show you some ways to use that new feature. Our tutorial will have tips too.

It also shows the new social login design and one comment in feed that a few clients had asked about. I commented on a photo and the comment shows in the feed (after setting the setting).


Vertical menus:

Footer Social Icons:

New Insignia theme member home page view with vertical menu and banners added:

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    Sieg [231316,Donna] I have a new question about the comment and like system. In the screenshot that you take a new activity item was created by for a content (a photo), how this system will work for a status update that in thesis is different from a photo since it doesnt have a plugin section for it? If I comment a status update from another user this will create a entry also?
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      Donna If I set the setting for it to show in the main feed, it will show a new feed item that x has commented on y's post with the actual original post showing up with it. The original item doesn't move from it's original position though. So, this is a new post but contains the original post so people know what this "x" member was commenting on and what the "y" member originally said. I can take a screenshot if you need.
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      Donna I don't recall. I'll go try it and see. :)
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    Stepan Is it just me or most of the new features are cosmetic or small bug fixes? The only 3 I'm waiting for is Zend upgrade, new reCaptcha and few Activity Feed updates. We haven't really had any major updates since Webligo gave up on SE4 PHP project and released SocialEngine Cloud about 5 years ago. I have seen many good feature requests and it seems like they are just getting ignored.
    Somehow my request for new HTML5 Uploader got closed for no reason https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/368#event-653353550 "two different issues" when I simply requested new HTML5 uploader. Flash is full of security bugs, not installed by default in a browser, nobody uses it anymore.
    I'm not saying that SocialEngine PHP is bad. It's great and better than any other social network scripts I have tried, but many has changed in the "web world" in the last 5 years and SE is not adopting anything.
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      Donna I'm not sure how you can say it's just small bugs and cosmetics when the changelog I posted below in the comments has between 350-400 items in it from new features to zend update to bug fixes and other improvements. Please read through it again as your comments are answered and the 3 points you mentioned are included.

      The bug you linked did have an answer that our team is discussing improvements. Video already has html5 and I don't recall my full answer about that question from the blog comments as it was asked there. If you remind me Monday, I'll ask check about it again as I don't work today but wanted to at least answer you. :)
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        Stepan I know that those 3 points I mentioned are included in the update. What I meant is that I'm looking forward to those in new update. I hope with more bugs out the way you will have time to work on new features.
        It's my personal opinion but new design, menus and all the cosmetic features are just for presentation. Anyone getting a self hosted script would not want to use default design and icons. For people with custom designs the new 4.9 version doesn't have much.
        Zend Framework 1 reached it's EOL on 28 September 2016, which means there will not be any more security updates. I guess it's not a top priority as if I'm not mistaken SE is currently on 1.12.3, 17 versions behind. Many of those include serious security fixes that should of been releases out of band ASAP. SE is know to release security updates years after they're known to public.
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          Donna Thanks for posting and providing feedback. 4.9 actually does have some nice new things coming. Not just cosmetics but that's important too as the responsive design is actually pretty nice.

          We've a feature to allow choosing colors of themes without having to have all of those colors loaded to your server. If a theme has color variants for it, you can choose which one to install, thereby saving server space.

          Animated gif images were requested and working fine.

          Multiphoto upload in the feed is working fine.

          Fontawesome is a nice addition and allows you to use lighter images, again saving server space and load time.

          Google recaptcha is updated.

          Iframely is a nice addition and can allow for more improvements with that.

          Banners are awesome! I posted a few ways they can be used in the above image. That ad spot you see is actually a banner. You can use them to enhance spots on your site, manually sell ad spots like I showed, etc.

          SocialEngine supports PHP 7 now. That's a good improvement.

          Social Footer icons allow you to easily add your social links such as Facebook, Twitter, etc and gain more followers.

          AddThis is added to make sharing even easier.

          TinyMCE update is very nice. Now, the forum doesn't have the issue with the <p> tags showing up when posting if html is disabled too (as many of us do).

          There are more things but far too many to go over atm. :)
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            Spirit Silverwind Can you see if it works on the thumbnail, basically make a post and see if your avatar animates on the wall? it wasn't the avatars we where asking for, but the animanted thumbnails on the wall, ^^; so I hope it supports animanted gifs on the wall posts that would make my users so dang happy
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            Donna [158335,Spirit Silverwind] I only tested avatars. Mine animated fine.
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            Spirit Silverwind On the animated gifs does this include both activity wall and avatars (the thumbnail avatars for when a user posts on the wall?)
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          PoeticJustice Inclined to agree with you Stephan, 1.12.3 Zend is quiet old, get feeling it was like 2013, I get what you mean known to public, I've seen YouTube videos on send exploits and someone could prob easily potential hack the site.

          Yea SE has had some great ideas on GitHub some of which I have made

          We can only cross our fingers and hope it's getting a bigger push now :)
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            Donna [85,Sam] our sneak peak did mention the zend update. :) There was a lot in that blog that you might be interested in. Thank you for posting!
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            Sam My error log is full of Zend errors. When is this going to be updated or better still, removed from SE4...?
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    Donna Just had to add a screenshot of our new Insignia theme with the vertical menu set and two banners added. It just looks so nice. :) I'll get screenshots of mobile once I can. Right now, this is only on my local install.
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    Donna Well I was trying to post the changelog here but there are over 400 items in it. It's too long and doesn't post well. Suffice it to say, we have been very busy. :)
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      Donna Here's a basic idea. We have more coming when we do release 4.9 as this isn't updated with more fixes we've done.


      Added compatibility with PHP 7.0 and 7.1.
      Upgraded Zend to to 1.12.20.
      Upgraded to Google’s new reCaptcha.
      Added a new ‘Vertical’ variant of main menu giving a completely new look to your website.
      Used font awesome icons everywhere.
      Improved Social Login buttons in Login/Signup forms.
      Added Redis as an additional Backend Cache support and an option for admin to choose it.
      Added a new widget “Column Width Modifier” enabling admin to adjust width of any column on a page in layout editor.
      Added a new widget “Social Site Links Menu” and placed it in Footer section.
      Added a new “Banners” feature using which site admin can place attractive banners with a background image, some catchy headings and a CTA button on any page of website. There is a “Browse Page Banner” available for this.
      Added an option for admin to set admin titles for HTML blocks placed on the same page for easy identification.
      Made “mobile.css” file available for editing via Theme Editor.
      Enabled seo friendly content urls with slugs in Albums, Groups and Events plugins.
      Added “Color Variants” feature for themes.
      Added user’s photo in mini menu making it look better.
      Added “Updates” of mini menu to Menu Editor.
      Added a separate widget for search and placed it in header giving more flexibility for its placement.
      Add more Amazon S3 regions and renamed current region names to match Amazon names listed in their docs.
      Improved pagination by adding First and Last option in pagination control bar.
      Sorted plugins alphabetically in plugins dropdown at admin panel.
      Improved Zip Code validation.
      Added “Group Profile Options” widget during installation on Mobile group Profile page.
      Added support for creating a skeleton of Language, Library and External type packages from package manager.
      Fixed issue with creating a new Profile Type that wouldn't copy over the options.
      Fixed issue with "Duplicate Existing Profile-Type" drop-down showing extra fields.
      Fixed issue with Paypal getting enabled even without filling the API details and then throwing error.
      Improved user blocking by:
      Disallowing the blocked users to view content posted by people who blocked them and vice-versa.
      Not sending notifications to blocked users related to one who blocked them at common places.
      Fixing issue where a user was able to send message to one who had blocked him.
      Enabling two way blocking

      Upgraded TinyMCE library to latest version and improved its implementation in our modules by standardizing it at all instances and doing below things:
      Added Upload Photo option that was missing at a few instances
      Added browser Spell Checker
      Added Auto Save feature that will work for 300 min

      Improvements in the browse pages of these modules: Blogs, Albums, Videos, Classifieds, Music, Events and Groups:
      Added “like_count” and “comment_count” columns in tables of content based plugins displaying these stats in an attractive manner on respective browse pages.
      Improved search widget by adding a “Search” button.
      Added a new Categories side-column widget in all the core plugins where categories exist.
      Enhanced overall interface of Browse pages of these plugins and Browse Members page too.
      Added “View All” link in Popular and Recent items widgets of all the core plugins enabling more engagement.
      Placed banners with attractive default gradient background on browse pages of some of these core plugins during installation.

      Fixed issue with multi-select profile questions appearing in iOS devices. Fixes #536
      Fixed issue with Site Wide Statistics graph getting squished and unreadable at times.
      Fixed issue with meta information and image not rendering when sharing a non-english url from activity feed.
      Renamed "Member Type" to "Profile Type" on user profile avoiding confusion between member level and profile type.
      Fixed issue with Host value not getting pre-populated correctly for Memcache after Performance & Caching settings are saved.
      Fixed the order of items used to build meta title and description tags for all the pages.
      Fixed issue with PHP Arrays not getting created for new language packs when “Translation Performance” setting is enabled.
      Moved description to appear below the field for profile questions.
      Fixed issue with member level getting degraded immediately after a subscription is cancelled without taking into account the amount already paid for current subscription.
      Fixed issue with reverse order of menu items being set for mini menu.
      Fixed issue with displaying ad campaigns that was not working if targeted to be displayed to a specific member level and network.
      Fixes some security vulnerabilities.
      Fixed an issue with censored words not working when added until clearing the cache
      Fixed issue with heading profile field getting displayed on profile page even when set to be hidden from admin panel.
      Fixed issue with inability to disable display of heading profile field on Browse Members Page.
      Added missing transliteration for cyrillic and other non-western characters in slug.
      Removed “Delete Page” option for core pages in Layout Editor.
      Fixed issue with mail templates having placeholder "[recipient_photo]" making sure it displays an image instead of a link.
      Fixed issue with deleting the profile photo just after editing thumbnail that was throwing an error.Add ability to upload files using simple uploader even when Flash is not installed in browser

      Activity Feed:

      Added ability for users to upload multiple photos from activity feed and for admins to control the number that user of a certain member level can upload at a time.
      Added support for ajax based status posting.
      Added ability to edit status posts.
      Added Iframely Integration enabling users share and embed rich content from over 1700 domains on SocialEngine based site.
      Made “Activity Feed Item Type Settings” section more organized by adding a `Module` based filter.
      Improved “Shareable” feature allowing admin to choose out of different parts of a feed that can be shared by a user.
      Added new activity feed items enabling more engagement while:
      Liking a content on site.
      Commenting on another user’s profile.
      Commenting on another user’s playlist.
      Did work of grouping feeds in Activity feed.
      Added better synchronization among comments and also created new activity feeds if comment is made on a feed synchronizing comments.
      Fixed issue with links shared via activity feed appearing broken while viglink is enabled on site.
      Increased max attachment count for photo upload activity from 8 to 100 fixing inconsistency issue that appeared when more than 8 photos are added to an album.


      Enhanced User Interface of Browse Albums and Album View pages.
      Added Album preview feature on Album Browse page - hover over an album and get a slideshow of some of the photos contained inside it.
      Added a setting for admin to choose if default albums (like Message Photos, Blog Photos, etc) should be searchable and displayed in browse pages and multiple widgets on website.
      Added support for GIF images; made both GD and Imagick libraries support this feature.
      Add ability to upload files using simple uploader even when Flash is not installed in browser.


      Added open graph meta tag og:image for video thumbnail enabling image appear for selection while sharing the video view page url on external websites.

      Added event’s photo in Upcoming Events widget.
      Sorted past events in reverse chronological order adding a new “Recently Ended” Filter in search form.

      Fixed issue where blog posts were not getting filtered by categories.
      Added ability for users to upload a profile image for blogs during creation and editing.


      Enhanced user interface of Browse Classifieds page

      Added support for “Add Music” option in mobile.Enhanced interface of Browse Music page.

      Fixed issue with incorrect email and site notification being sent to user when someone comments on the topic they posted on.
      Fixed issue with visible <p> tags in forum posts when HTML censor is on.
      Added tool-bar containing "Insert/edit link" button missing in TINYMCE Editor

      Fixed issue that was appearing on double clicking “Go Offline” icon in the chat window.
      Fixed issue with Chat container rendered at wrong place on Chat Main page.
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        Stepan Could you take a screenshot of the Album preview please? Are there any plans to use some JavaScript photo viewer like PhotoSwipe?
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        gs Wowza! Thanks for sharing that with us (and the changelog link too).

        Question on Tinymce: ==>"Added Auto Save feature that will work for 300 min "
        - Is this configurable (i.e. enable/disable) to allow us to prevent auto-save?
        - Does this save to a backup-type file or overwrite the existing data?
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          gs [231316,Donna]
          What I should have asked is if this is an auto-backup or an auto-save because typically autobackups (such as MS-Word) are ok and don't overwrite your current file, but auto-save typically overwrites current file (not good because there's no way to backout of it if you don't want the new changes you may have purposely or accidentally made).

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            Donna [185918,gs] yes my authors would most likely not want auto-save either. We tend to write and re-write and go back and changes things or whatever. They can click the post buttons to "save" on their own when they are done. If they "cancel" and it autosaved, I imagine they would be upset to see that it changed anyway. If that's the case.
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            gs [231316,Donna] Thanks very much.

            Yes - options for ADMIN would be helpful, especially if this is an auto-save (destructive) function rather than auto-backup. Some ADMINs may like, others like me will never use something as potentially destructive as auto-save (that's like a house door that automatically locks - yes, some may like this because they can't remember to lock their house (or save their work), others don't want to risk being locked out of their home accidentally (because they don't want to risk overwriting existing work - they want to control when to save it, IF they want to save it or simply keep what already exists). Thanks again.
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            Donna I've added a request to allow admins to control this and other buttons for TinyMCE. Our core development team will see if it's possible for a future version. It is too late to make it to the stable release.
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            Donna I don't know how this works yet. We are working to get this released to clients. :) I'll see if I can test this today.
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            gs @donna
            Do you know how this works? Thx.
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          Donna I've not tried it. I'll have to look.
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        PoeticJustice Added Auto Save feature that will work for 300 min - Does this include profile signup, if browser accidently closes down, what was typed is still saved?

        Moved description to appear below the field for profile questions. - Yes Finally wahhhhoooo, my suggestion was taken onboard, now i can delete my rubbish custom css.

        Fixed issue with multi-select profile questions appearing in iOS devices. Fixes #536 - Arrrr yea, you can all thank me for raising this haha

        Added a new widget “Column Width Modifier” - sound niccccccccccccce

        Added a new “Banners” feature - sounds sexy

        Removed “Delete Page” option for core pages in Layout Editor. - thank god, this button use to scare me lol

        I imagine there is also a few more bugs being fixed too as well as other bits added?
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          Donna TinyMCE isn't active in the signup as that could cause security issues.
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      PoeticJustice niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, font awesome support for announcements, now that i do like.
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        Donna :) long list of items we've done and there are even more than that as that was from the beta release.
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      gs Could a link be provided to somewhere that lists this (or a download link in .pdf format or something)?
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    PoeticJustice Be great to see a responsive mobile screenshot :)
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      Donna I don't have the new theme yet. Will take those once I have a copy. :)
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    PoeticJustice Nice to see new social icons for login, love the idea of vertical ever since seeing [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] vertical theme
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      Donna Glad you like it. :) I like all of the improvements coming. Lots of nice stuff.
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    Donna Added the image for the new Social Footer icons! You can add, change and remove any of the social icons easily from Admin Panel. Nice new feature!
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    Donna Added the Vertical Menu image to the above post.
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    Sieg Seems to be a good theme. I remember that I read somewhere that was possible to have a vertical menu, is this avaliable?

    Now that I see the comment I am a bit curious. Some plugins (like advanced photo from SEAO) already do the same thing, I mean, if someone comment or like a photo, a new activity is created like USER A commented USER B activity. The problem of this is because if someone comment or like this activity the comment or like is not "add" to the original content.


    1- I posted a photo
    2- Donna liked my photo
    3- A new entry is created in the activity "Donna like Leandro's photo"
    4- Someone liked donna activity. No activity is created, but the like goes to "Donna like Leandro's photo"
    5- Someone like my photo
    6- A new entry is created in the activity "Someone like Leandro's photo"

    This is a bit bad because it pollute the main feed with redundant activity and several plugins that are already released use this logic. The unique difference is that some plugins neither include the original content, what I think that is a huge user experience drawback, that I already request to be fixed but I received a quote instead of a solution.

    I was thinking that the solution for the problem would be something like that I suggested. The original content jump to the top of the feed and not a new activity is created.
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      Donna Yes we have a choice of horizontal or vertical menus. I'll get a screen of that.

      For the comment issue, it does create a new feed if you tell it to in the settings. If I comment on your photo (in the photo section) it will show that on the feed attached to the photo. I will go test more for this to see more on how it works with the settings enabled.
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        Sieg This is a example about what one [81,SocialEngineAddOns] plugins do when I comment an user article:

        As you can see the original content doesnt follow the comment. I already complained about this kind of activity that to me is useless, but no one never solved this. I am curious about how this new setting will interact with third party plugins. I mean if I comment an article (from SEAO) as above with this new setting enabled it will create a new activity?
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          SocialEngineAddOns Hi @Leandro,

          Thanks for bringing this up. Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our plugins.
          Yes, you are correct here that, content is missing from some of the like and comment based feeds which are generated from the various SocialEngineAddOns Plugins. We will be making improvements in our plugins for this.

          As per the new improvements coming in the new SE 4.9, we will be releasing the compatible version of our plugins very soon after the SE 4.9 release.

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          Donna I think you mean this. This is showing comments on a photo and on a poll.
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            Donna Hi [862,Leandro Rocha] ,

            Sorry for my late reply. I had gone offline when you posted.

            Our certified marketplace will test every product submitted to that section. Perhaps that will be an answer for you and other clients feeling as you do.

            I don't think the third party Experts think you are an idiot. However, I think you should raise that sentiment with any that make you feel that way so they can address it and improve based on your feedback. Everyone has room for improvement as no person or company is perfect. That is why feedback is so important, and reviews are part of that.

            For our part (SE), we greatly appreciate all of our clients and want you all to know that you are valued. Your feedback is valued, Leandro. Every client's feedback is so important to us.

            Have a great weekend!
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            Sieg So I will still with the same problem, because I doubt that the developers that I work with will make any change without charge me. I am tired of try to give advices about how to improve their works and receive a quote everytime, seems that SE third party developers doesnt see me as a partner but an idiot that they must to explored. I am really tired to find illogical things in plugins and receive an "is working as design".
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            Donna Third party developers will need to update their plugins to work with new features. :)
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            Sieg Well... seems that in this case if the setting is enabled it create a new entry with the content. Now is expect that this setting will work with third party plugin like those from [81,SocialEngineAddOns]
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