Cache and Maintenance Mode Error

I am facing a weird issue that started in the last week. I am unable to set my website in development mode using the "normal" process of click in the button in the admincp. When I click nothing happens like if the button is now working, but what is more strange is that the cache setting is displaying information from all cache option take a looking in the following screenshot:

The normal is that the option of memcache, by example, only appear if the radio button is clicked but it displaying with even when file is enable. Someone already had this issue? I already deactivated all plugin and this issue still happening.

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    Donna Are you able to manually set it to development mode? I see the flush cache setting is not showing for you. Did you have it set to memcache before? Did you try manually clearing cache?
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      Sieg Ater some tests I found the reason of this error. Seems that all folders in public folder need to be CHMOD to 777. This is weird because I don't remember to change de folder permissions of this area.
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        Donna Sometimes the server maintenance automagically changes perms. I had that when I used to host at Hostgator. Glad I moved from there LOL.
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          PoeticJustice Hostgator are the worst, they completely deleted my SE site, and completely killed WHM on my server, when i paid for dedicated server, 5 months work was completely gone and set me back an additional 3 months starting again.

          Found out when i contacted support asking them to enable a settng, they rebooted the server and it completely died and they couldnt retrieve a back up..... got all my money back,

          Glad it happened tho because soon as it happened they tried blaming Social Engine for it.
          Even tho i had saved chat logs saying it was ok etc.

          But now i with the best SE host ever, Fast Comet with not one issue and fast load times and handles loads concurrent users