One of My Favorite Features in 4.9 - Banners!
I love banners! It's such a nice feature in 4.9.

There's so much you can do with banners. Some tips are in that tutorial but I would LOVE to know how you're using banners.

What ways have you come up with to use them? Are they spicing up your community?
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    Mikel Coreclark GS has some great ideas with banners.
    On my site I'm going to do a ' Missing Person' like ads but i can use banners. Banners has opened up a hoe world of potential and new thinking.
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    gs Well, not sure if this is helpful since it's using 3rd-Pary Sliders/Slideshows, but this is how I plan on using them (btw - I purchased 3 different Plugins and ended up customizing one of them).

    Although they can be used in the traditional way (displaying images with/without text & CTAs), my goal is to use them primarily for advertising purposes - especially for specific content pages and allow them to be customized per content page for specific content. This allows Group1 to display a different banner/slider than Group2 sees on their page (or Events or whatever). So, although I plan on including ADMIN selected banners/sliders at various locations, from a monetization standpoint it seems better to allow Group/Event owners (or in my case since I'm using SEAO Plugins - Causes/Campaigns and Businesses) to sell advertising space on their own pages (profile, event, blog, photo albums, whatever) so it's a win-win (we both make some revenue).

    The primary purpose of my site is to provide Causes/Schools/Teachers/Veterans/1stResponders/etc. many methods of raising revenue, and this is just a no-brainer since many businesses want to reach specific eyeballs, and this seems to be a great way of doing so.
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      Donna Thanks for responding. Is that for our new Banner feature?

      Looks like you have good ideas for ads.
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        gs Not really since it's a 3rd-Party Plugin doing it - but it was an idea for how Banners/Slideshows could be used and monetized for both ADMIN and Community Content-Owners. So maybe my post should be deleted.
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          Donna No your ideas are good. :) I'm sure it will help others think of new things to do.