3rd Party SE PHP plugins issues when updating to SE 4.9.1
Hi All

Just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing issues with any 3rd party plugins, that have been updated for 4.9.1

Im seeing a few issues with some plugins, and thought id see what others are experiencing, Is it be great for us all to test and confirm such bugs
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    PoeticJustice Would be awesome If 3rd party devs, gave a change log like devs do on envato codecanyon etc.

    I love change logs as you can see bug fixes, and tweaks, and then judge if the update is warrented.

    My live server is yet to be updated, Just a few bugs noticed,
    I only use [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] and [81,SocialEngineAddOns] and [196,Eugene] products

    but thought it be a great thread so others could test bugs related to 3rd party plugins, as github is purely for SE and not 3rd party
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      Eugene As to our plugins - please check the version support on SocialEngine listing page.

      I think the solution is rather simple - before the upgrade check SE version support for each plugin/theme.

      Then follow the safe approach by upgrading some test SE setup first. In case of any issues reach the original developers to resolve any problems. In case of no reply for a long time - reach SE to complain about the plugin.
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        PoeticJustice Yea I always have dev and staging servers and do reach out to the devs if i notice a bug.

        Thought it e good to see if any particular plugins have a bug so we all can be aware of it,
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    Donna This post is fine and might help clients avoid issues with upgrading. Just please everyone keep it civil as the original post is. I know things can heat up when sites break due to third party issues. We are aware of this continuing problem and have contacted experts to get their products updated ASAP. We'll be watching this thread as well.
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      Eugene [231316,Donna] I think some plugins might never be updated for SE 4.9 support. I think there is no need to pressure 3rd party devs but to include more clear rules about version support.

      For quite some time SE marketplace had SE v3 and SE v4 plugins/themes listed together. But the version was clearly stated in listings and it was possible to search/filter by version.
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        Donna Thanks for your feedback. We do want an updated marketplace with support for current versions. It will be better for clients and developers that way as there won't be a dependency on deprecated code. There are some security fixes and privacy fixes in recent releases that make it important to always stay up to date. With V4.9 having PHP 7 support, that's a huge reason to upgrade and go beyond some of the older PHP versions that had vulnerabilities and are deprecated.
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          Eugene [231316,Donna] I hear you, it's a long-awaited SE upgrade. I hope there are plans to remove all deprecated or no longer updated libraries inside the SE as well (I'm talking about Scaffold, ZF1, etc)

          However in case you enforce this manually you will need to repeat this for every single SE update with every 3rd party plugin. If there will be a clear version filter (and clear note: "This plugin does not support SE 4.9.1") you won't need to keep an eye on each plugin after every SE upgrade. Potential clients will be able to push 3rd party developers to upgrade plugins more effectively.
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            Donna [508,PoeticJustice] we already have a marketplace and mentioned our plans for tested plugins which is coming soon. :)
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            PoeticJustice Agree with the main man [196,Eugene]

            I hope SE have intergrated facebook pixels into their own site, Ive been working with it with regards to a known clothing brand, Its soooo powerful.

            Makes google ads look rubbish.

            With SE client base, It would be great if SE showcased plugins by devs, and sent updates about these plugins via email.

            plus as mentioned SE have all the emails of their buyers, So i would convert all that data into a csv and target them on facebook, the ROI may be good.

            A market place controlled by SE would be awesome, similar to envato.

            Devs mark up what they want, but SE dont take a percentage, they charge extra fee per plugin.
            So if Eguene had a product that he wanted $25 for, SE puts on the site for $32.

            And part of the deal is, SE verify's the plugin, has a test. And can control making sure its updated to be compatible or its removed.

            Then buyers have all plugins and licences under one roof.

            With the ability for users to transfer licences to another account.
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            Donna Yes, we do have plans to update everything.

            Regarding the store, we are discussing best options for versions. :) Noting that we want a great store for everyone and that means that extra work is involved in updating plugins as developers can't earn on an outdated plugin when clients want to use most current version which is recommended.
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