GitHub - SocialEngine/phpv4-feature-requests: The purpose of this repository is to collect SocialEngine PHP public feature requests. (
New Feature request area open. We've moved all (almost) of the feature requests from our bug tracker and put them into the new feature request area. 

This will allow our team to see issue reports and hopefully get them fixed faster. This will also allow us to see new feature requests and mark the ones we have interest in, or the ones we won't be handling for third party developers to consider.

We figure this will be a win/win for all involved. Third party experts will have an easier time seeing what you want by just clicking the label filters once we get things rolling there.

From now on, please post feature requests in the new area (unless posted here in our community). Please keep the bug issue tracker only for bugs.

Thank you!
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    gs Thank you thank you thank you. This makes so much more sense.

    Question: What determines whether a FR should be posted here or at github (other than possibly an Site-ADMIN having an account at one place but not the other)?
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      Donna That's it really. Some clients might not be comfortable posting at Git. If someone prefers to post here, that's fine. :)

      Glad you like the change!
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    Donna there are tips in that page for submitting requests and what the labels mean. :)