showing no members on line to chat
My site the other day was showing members on line the wrong numbers of members on line.

Now it’s showing no members  so we can’t im chat does anyone know why ? and what wrong

with im chat

we cant chat now to friends on im chat
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    Donna Hi,

    I recall answering this recently for someone. I'm not sure if it was for you or not. The IM chat shows based on the task schedule settings. Our team had mentioned in github for another client to check those settings and if it still didn't work after changing the settings, and if you are using the most current version of our script, to please contact our support for assistance. You would need active support in order to send us a ticket for help.
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      francesco pillininini Hi Donna,
      I did see this in github and did try the setting but still not work i even reinstall chat and still the same
      I am on 4.9.1 and php 7

      I see if i can pay for the support thank you Donna

      Have a nice day

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        Donna I hope you have a great day as well. :)