New SocialEngine Community Forum Coming Soon! (

We're happy to announce that we'll soon have a new home for our community. We'll be opening our new forum using the SEPHP software so that we can offer more communication opportunities for everyone involved. 

We expect this new community will open by the end of this month. Please read our blog for full details. :)

Thank you all for your contributions here and at our soon to open community. Don't worry, your current posts will remain available as an archive (read-only) forum.

Have a great day!
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    Donna We'll be a little delayed with this most likely as my net is down and I'm on cell data. I would like to be online when we open this in order to greet everyone. :) So, this may be delayed until Monday/Tuesday. We'll let everyone know once it opens. Thank you!
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    Elshara Silverheart I also think you should move the blog from to the blog feature in the sephp. This way everything is under one roof officially. I'd also be interested in joining a two-way sephp mailing list if one ever existed. I loved being able to post by email on Git Hub and that was mainly why I used it the most.
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      Donna That's something that I would like to do as well for the blog but it will have to wait for another time.
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    Elshara Silverheart Will people be able to contribute to the feature suggestion and bug reporting options using the sephp site? I was a long standing git hub member and appreciated the ability to write my thoughts down. I've been away from git hub ever since the move to the feature requests issues page, and should probably save my ideas there if it's going to simply be deleted. However I contributed there since 2015 and although lots of things were implemented, some of them are still open issues. I liked it because there would always be someone to talk to about issues we had in common. At the time, I couldn't join the community right away to post so git hub was the only option for me. Now it's closing, I just wish others who can't join the actual forum, could still use a trial version to test out issues and provide feedback somehow. R.I.P Git Hub. Having said that the move to sephp forum is one I fully support and I truly think it will work out well. But be careful of spam bots though. They are finding ways to join social engine sites now even with multiple login steps enabled.
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      Donna Since the new forum will be open to all, then everyone can contribute at that time. Some areas will be private for clients only, some for experts only. The feature and github will be for anyone.

      We won't close out the feature requests yet. We need those to stay open for now.
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    PoeticJustice this is great news.... im not a fan of reddit ..... so this is great news
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      Donna Thanks :) glad you like the upcoming changes.
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        PoeticJustice ive never used cloud SE, great idea for reddit type people, and imagine Chinese community love it..... but it confuses me lol
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    gs Wow - great news. I just read the blog.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up - communication is very helpful
    2. Thanks for leaving the existing community read-only/archive (because I'm sure I'm not the only one who refers back to it often)
    3. Thansk for using SEPHP for it. I've often questioned (in my mind) businesses (such as SE) that choose to not use their own product wherever possible for their own needs, if it would work of course.
    4. new forum or github - pros/cons. I really like the statuses and sorting options at github, but not their search mechanism. Just my 2 cents. Hopefully the SE Forum will be enhanced (I use another Dev's forum).
    One question though - what happens to the issues (bugs & FRs) at github - will they remain there or get ported over)? I ask because although it was beneficial (and necessary) to move many FRs from the Issues area, that move created somewhat of a mess due to name/date changes.

    Nice to see something 'new' happening again here. Please keep up the great work. Your efforts are greatly appreciated :)
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      Donna 4. The new forum won't be enhanced right now. We do have plans in the future. It will be closed off in some areas so it's private where it needs to be.

      We should have all of the bugs closed out when we release 4.9.3.

      For features, we'll discuss that and see as many of those hundreds of requests were from 2015 and either are too old and don't apply, were already added, or are outdated features not needed now. We might move the more recent ones over. Having features here will allow us to create polls for the ones that we can add to the script and see which ones are most popular amongst our clients, giving you all more of a voice. Noting that our core developers need to filter out any that would harm the script or not be beneficial to many.

      Glad you are happy with the work our team is doing. :)
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        gs ==>"Noting that our core developers need to filter out any that would harm the script or not be beneficial to many."
        I understand that 'harm the script' is quite objective, but 'not be beneficial to many' is more subjective and thus hopefully the polls will help find this out. My hope is that hundreds/thousands of ADMINs will revisit because if it's the same few dozen that seem to be here and github, the poll numbers many not be very useful.

        ==>".. as many of those hundreds of requests were from 2015 and either are too old and don't apply, were already added, or are outdated features not needed now. We might move the more recent ones over."
        Is SE considering keeping github FRs open as read-only as well, and referencing any FRs moved to here in github, and referencing the github link back from here too? This would help us ADMINs know if a FR was moved (and easily access it here) and also inform us which were not moved (to help us know if we should recreate the FR here, if there's still interest).
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          Donna Regarding "not helpful to many" would be things that would solely be for one or two sites and really more a customization or third party plugin than a core feature. For example, changing the Like button to praying hands. That would be great for religious sites but not for the general webmasters. It is too specific to one niche. However, as a plugin or customization, it would be good.

          My goal has been to get an active community. I couldn't do that here as so many people didn't like it and it is too hard to respond. We feel that we can have a vibrant forum once we have a forum.

          That being said, this is our product too (you mentioned above using our product). Our cloud product. It works well for a lot of different types of sites. However, for a support forum, we needed those features in SEPHP. SECloud has some wonderful niche features though. I would love to make a magazine site with it.