Get Started with PrimeMessenger - Releasing Soon! (
We are excited to announce the release of our upcoming product PrimeMessenger in the second week of July, 2017 that will be seamlessly integrated with SocialEngine and the iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine.

PrimeMessenger (PM) is a platform for integrating rich, engaging messaging experiences directly into your SocialEngine Websites and Mobile Apps.

Please read our blog for full details on the features of this product.

Thanks for all your support
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    Mikel Coreclark This new product may be the best addition yet for my site. I have not got the time or patience for app stores, google, iTunes, or others. so if I can just plug and play with this app then perfect. I will have to visit blog and get the info.
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      SocialEngineAddOns [241595,Mikel Coreclark] Thanks for registering with us. We are sure PrimeMessenger will be best fit for your SocialEngine Website and Mobile Apps. Please reach us at for more information on the product features.