Login with facebook, twitter etc
Hi All

Im maybe embracing login with facebook  and twitter.

I know this will add more to my terms and conditions.

But i wondered if anyone knew of advantages, or what it gives you.

I deal with marketing on a clothing brand which heavily relys on facebook pixel.
Facebook pixel does awesome for me with facebook analytics and targeting for campaigns.

I wondered does login with facebook give tthe same?

If someone signsup with facebook can i see their facebook page?
Does it collect info good for facebook analytics?

or is it as simple as just fetching their email, name, dob?
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    PoeticJustice [231316,Donna] if you know any blog posts on this subject id be appreciative of it...... think im getting bit confused on facebook integration as im heavily dealing with facebook pixel
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      Donna We have a tutorial in our articles for enabling facebook. I don't use any social logins on my sites as they slow the page load (for any script, not just SE) so I stay away from them. Also, since there's a lot of facebook account hacking, I don't want an open point for some hacker to come hack my own site member's accounts.

      The facebook login just allows them to login or join with their email, name, etc. It doesn't grab all the rest of the stuff. Best for you to try it on a development site.
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        PoeticJustice As i know you had to make an facebook app, but facebook have killed that feature off now, you cant make the apps for communicating between websites, as facebook insights has taken over, and its done differently now
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          Donna The facebook app is for the facebook integration for logging in or posting to facebook. It's in our tutorial.
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        PoeticJustice arrrrr ok, if thats the premise of it then id defo not use it...... they can just enter their email address in.

        Is the facebook login, dif to the facebook intergration within SE for sharing to facebook..... or all connected?
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          Donna I actually don't use that for sharing to fb. I use the free Buffer app integration I made. It allows sharing to fb/twitter/google and many others; allows post scheduling; shortens urls to keep from getting fb/twitter banned; offers analytics for the posts. Free. https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/buffer-share-plugin that's one I use on my own site. All I ask is a review at the SE marketplace for any of my freebies that people use. Doesn't have to be a 5 star review - just an honest one.