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I am trying to raise funds for my community using the membership system from Social Engine and I would like to display to my users the quantity of active memberships and the total raised the month. There is some way to create a widget for this purpose?
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    Eugene This is a really good question.

    We have created different stats pages for few clients to track activity. What exactly do you want to track (posts, comments, likes, friendship requests, etc.)?
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      Sieg I am looking for a simple widget that display the total of active subscribers and the total raised in the month with subscription. I would like to display to my users how many people is subscribed and how much we raised in the month, somethin like this:

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        Donna This sounds like a good plugin for [196,Eugene] to offer in the marketplace too. Just a thought. :)
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        Eugene Do you use some custom plugins for subscription? I need to check it to provide an estimate.

        Could you reach me directly? eugene [at] webhive.com.ua
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          Sieg I sent you a message. Take a look when possible.