Users Login With My Account
This is a pretty weird a serious problem that already happened with me and now after upgrade to 4.9.2 started to occur again.

Sometimes users relate that they login as my user when using the website. The system become a few slow when they refresh their pages, my avatar appear instead of their avatar. 

This seems to happen only when I am logged in also and yesterday this happened between me and one of my administrators. I really dont know how to track this issue, since after a refresh everything return to normal. I really need a help since this is serious risk for my website and community.


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    Gabry Hi, well this is just an idea , i don't know if is really from here but it comes in my mind ... what kind of cache are you using ? If you use a custom cache and not file based , try to use for some time the file based , maybe is a fault from the cache that you use now and the website is serving the cached files in a bad way.
    Second, if you are on a VPS with WHM/Cpanel, try some 3'rd plugins for verify if your system is vulnerable to viruses or some kind of injections, attacks or scan your system files to see if is clean.
    I am thinking that you said it happen also in the past and now after upgrade started again ...and as nobody else reported this kind of problem maybe is coming from your settings in hosting and not from SE script.
    The same if you have WHM/Cpanel try to check if your SQL server has some problems and also Optimize the tables for your SE database with phpMyAdmin if you have access.
    Can you give us your website for visit ?
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    Donna Do you have any integrations on the site or any sign on customizations?

    Do you use the "log in as user" feature and are the users that are able to log in as your user the same ones you may have logged in as?

    Are these users able to access the admin panel?

    Did you contact our support to check this?
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      Sieg Donna,

      I dont use any site integrations or sign customization, except those from the SE like Facebook and Twitter;

      I dont use log in as user.

      Users that reported this said that sometimes, the website get slow and when return, they are logged as me. They dont do anything different.

      I already reported this issue in the bug tracker, but is complex to reproduce this error. It simply appear sometimes. I already saw this ocurring sometimes including with a friend in a PC in my house. In general after refresh this error stop.
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        Donna Can you disable the login as Facebook and Twitter and see if it helps? I don't think that will be the issue but it's a troubleshooting step. The points that [77,Gabry] raised above are also good points. We don't have other clients reporting this so it seems an isolated incident right now. You may need our support to have a look if you have active support.