Static File Base URL Setting

There is a setting in admincp that I am a bit curious about how it really works. It is called static file base url and is avaliable in the General Setting Area.

This setting says that is to be used to provide javascript and css files through a CDN. However this seems not be completly clear:

I- A link to a tutorial point to a amazon s3 storage tutorial ( however until where I know the Social Engine storage integration with amazon doesnt provide a way to upload javascripts and CSS files.

II- There is a link that point to maxcdn. So I ask, there is necessity to use two differents services do CDN? One to provide files through amazon and js and css through max cdn?
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    Donna If you don't want to have both, you don't have to. You could just use the amazon for the user file storage.

    You could try cloudflare for speeding the site static files. I use it on mine. I haven't tried the extra caching as it could cause issues with other functions. Might be worth testing. Cloudflare is free.
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      Sieg How the integration with amazon works? There is no tutorial explaning how this integration works with amazon, there is only a tutorial for storage system.

      In the begin I thought that when using amazon as storage system, Social Engine auto upload JS and CSS files to my S3 server, but it only upload files in the public folder. Files in application folder, by example, arent uploaded.

      I already tried to use CloudFlare, but I am not sure why it doesnt work with my website. Seems that when I try to use it with the main domain from the server (the domain where nameserver point) the website cannot be accessed. Ex:

      I run social engine in, the server (VPS) has nameserver that use the maindomain like, When I try to use cloudflare and need to change the nameservers, I cannot access anymore.
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        Donna>-storage-system?b_id=14386 this tutorial should help
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        Donna that tutorial at my site will show you basically how to use cloudflare. Remember, when changing nameservers, you need to wait for propagation.