SEAddons Advanced Forum
I have many SEAddons plugins and they are all excellent.

My only comment is that the Advanced Forum changes the sequence of the forum posts so that the newest replies in a thread is at the top when all other stand alone forums like Invision have the replies to post going from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom.

This make the Advanced forum seem upside down, is there any way to keep the sequence the same as all the other forum software?

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    Jay The problem is that many of the people I am targeting to join already use forums like Invision so it will appear backwards for them.
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      gs Ah - yes, that will be abnormal for them.

      Thus my quess is that this will be up to SEAO to include or customize for you (as they have performed a customization for me for Adv Forum, but a different customization).
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    gs I have this Plugin too and I actually prefer this (at times) since it's more like an activity feed. Have you contacted SEAO?

    What I really with SE and 3rd-Party Devs would implement is the 7 sort options github uses - I regularly switch between these sorts. Very, very useful.