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    Robin One correction, don't why but it's necessary :

    <script language="JavaScript">
    <!-- Hide from old browsers

    var imagenumber = 5 ;
    var randomnumber = Math.random() ;
    var rand1 = Math.round( (imagenumber-1) * randomnumber) + 1 ;
    images = new Array
    images[1] = "http://www.pptbackgrounds.net/uploads/medical-doctor-woman-backgrounds-wallpapers.jpg"
    images[2] = "http://www.campingowensound.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/physician-picture11.jpg"
    images[3] = "http://sosa.biz/juanjo/MARKETING/Web/medicos1.jpg"
    images[4] = "http://www.santafestereo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/MEDI1.jpg"
    images[5] = "http://www.nopatio.com.br/uploads/2011/08/img_Governo-anuncia-plano-para-graduar-mais-m%C3%A9dicos.jpg"
    var image = images[rand1]

    // -- End Hiding Here -->
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    Jung Kim Very nice landing page!
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    Blend Fitâ„¢ I tried this on my site and unfortunately I wasn't able to get the images to load. I will keep trying
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      Nainou I have the same problem sometimes. I think that the problem is with the random number in the javascript method.
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        Robin I don't have this issue. Should work.
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          Nainou No background appear I can't find the problem. Blend Fit Did you fix it.
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    Blend Fitâ„¢ Robin great work as usual one of the problems that I had when I created a splash page was when users
    deleted a post they were taken back to the splash page does this happen with this splash page?
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    Robin I need to fix the CSS in IE8. Will come back soon.
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    Nainou Robin some times I have no background image. Are you sure of the random javascript method ?
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      Robin Yes but It's better to load the image via media manager. It's load faster.
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        Nainou Yes it's referenced to media manager
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    Kimmie Hey [2440,Robin] . Love the landing page. Awesome work!
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    Nainou Hi robin Thank you a lot I will try it and give you feedback.

    Stay truned we are comming
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    SportzHype Landing page looking sharp my friend!