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    Chrome View...
    When viewing this site using the Chrome Browser there is a "page loading" that keeps popping up. I've noticed it with other SEC sites as well. It doesn't do it in IE or Firefox.
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      Drew Frey Where on the site do you see this? I haven't experience this yet myself and have been using Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94
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    Screen jumps when posting Comments...
    "There is an error on this page when we type more than the box height the whole page jumps on every letter." Repost from Colin. I too experienced this when posting a lengthy comment.
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    Hoping first plugin are Points & Gifts.
    What are you guys hoping the first plugins are once API is released? Please share.
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      Eugene Kim, I'm sure this will depend on API. Most likely first plugins will be the small ones. Developers need some time to learn the API. Also API might not be polished enough for complex plugins after the first release.
      It's hard to tell without any details though
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    Copyright Infringement?
    A concern for Copyright Infringement: When members are posting a url for a photo there should be a section beneath it asking if the poster have the permission to use it. This way the legal burden lies with the original person who posted the photo rather than those who share links to it. Let me know what you thing?
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      monti Anyone can post anything on your site. it is your responsibility to take it down if it violates any copyrights.
      Generally, if/when you receive an email from the copyright owner asking you to take it down, take it down.
      TOS already states not to violate any copyrights.
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      Kimmie Thanks Monti. To me it seems safer to have the added protection of my site as so many people ignore TOS. Is TOS really enough of a protector for such a violation? It's debatable as one can view it as my site being a contributor or portal for such violations. However, if an SE team member can let me know if this is something that can be added in I think it would be pretty cool. Thanks again Monti.
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    Test Picture
    This is just a test picture.