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    June 2016 Release Notes
    June 6th
    • Fixed a problem that would un-approve owners if their profile was edited. Combined with an earlier fix to log out un-approved users, this meant owners could lock themselves out at no fault of their own. 

    June 2nd

    • Upgraded SoundCloud integration to allow private SoundCloud tracks to be properly embedded.
    • Upgraded Instagram API integration to be in line with their recent updates. As a result, all existing Instagram sessions had to be invalidated.
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    January 2015 Release Notes
    January 29th:
    • Admins can now opt-out of "Someone requested an invite" emails on Semi-Private communities. See the "Notifications" section of the Admin Panel. [#cloud]
    • A category can now be assigned to multiple posts from the "Manage Posts" section of the Admin Panel. [#cloud]
    • Cancelling a Cloud account can now be done directly from the Client Panel without having to go to Recurly. [#site]
    • Updated the team page to have James, Jason, Stepan, and Mike. [#site]

    January 23rd:

    • Categories menu item will now be hidden when the categories page is marked as "private" [#cloud]
    • When @mentioning someone, the picker will now trigger when the @ is pressed. [#cloud]
    • Removed all restrictions of TLDs on custom site domains. [#cloud]

    January 12:

    • Added a new JavaScript event, gallery.rendered, to aid modifying the gallery modal [#cloud]
    • Updated the Cloud Theme documentation to include new event with examples [#site]
    • Officially disabled reseller program [#site]
    • Fixed an issue where the follow button would render (improperly) for deleted member's posts [#site]
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    November 2014 Release Notes
    November 25th
    • Member export now exports all the data available from the "Manage Members" page. [#cloud]
    • Tweaked modal CSS to keep the modal from growing so large the buttons would be pushed off the screen. [#cloud]
    • Updated the client showcase with new screenshots. [#site]

    November 20th

    • Added a tooltip for greyed out members to explain why they are greyed out. [#cloud]
    • Added ability to manually overwrite the verification status of a member. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where members to use social sign-ins were being erroneously left out of the members widgets. [#cloud]

    November 17th

    • Added a new page that will show when custom domains have been correctly pointed to Cloud, but haven't been configured in the Admin Panel. [#cloud]
    • Modified behavior of "Control Panel" link in the customer dashboard to automatically and more consistently log the owner in as master account. [#cloud, #site]

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    October 2014 Release Notes
    October 30th
    • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly assign image dimensions for animated .gif images breaking the "board" layout [#cloud]

    October 28th
    • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly return a "Page not found" for sites that had "member url" functionality enabled and the user chose to use an underscore in their url. [#cloud]
    • Increased the member limit at which we disable weekly email digest from 3,000 to 4,000 [#cloud].
    • Added a bit of helpful text around digest notifications that exposes the limits that were mostly hidden before [#cloud, #admin] 

    October 21st
    • Fixed an error that would improperly display email subjects that contained non-ascii characters in some clients. All emails will now be property sent in UTF-8 encoding  [#cloud]

    October 18th
    • Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed imported items author name, author url and author picture. It is now correctly displaying and linking back to the original import source (youtube, facebook, rss, instagram, or twitter) [#cloud] 

    October 14th
    • Documented ability to specify a category id for the feed widget. [#site]
    • fixed a bug in post by email functionality that would duplicate the post content when creating a new post from email message. [#cloud]
    • Best for last: changed the link that was used in the domain display to link directly to the item instead of domain's home page [#cloud]

    October 6th
    • Fixed a bug in mini-feed widget that would incorrectly display "from (deleted)" when using auto-import feature, the display is now identical to the main feed. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where member's website and social details were hidden [#cloud]
    • Removed sign-up for our built-in affiliate program and instead directed people towards our affiliate program on cj.com [#site]

    October 1st
    • Fixed an issue where the feed widget did not respect pagination when using the "featured" data-type. [#cloud]
    • The fields in the edit member form are not longer auto-populating. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where unapproved members would appear in the new members widget. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where the follow button would appear in the hovercard, even though following was disabled. [#cloud]
    • Disapproved members profiles are now visible, but includes a message that they are no longer active. [#cloud]
    • Added a new support top-level page to making finding support resources easier. [#site]
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      Edwin Rivera Team- I am wondering when do we expect major changes on this platform and re- focus on product development vs just fixing issues with cosmetic changes. We do really desire to develop strong communities and our businesses as you evolve; however we can not do it if your goals are not in alignment with our needs. I am customer since 2012 and I am not fulfilled to launch our community.
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      seTweaks Is there a technical limitation in the application/database that won't allow you to make posts editable ?
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      Rick Von Ruden Sure would be nice to see the SE Cloud development roadmap very soon. I really want to start a new cloud site but am waiting until I can see SE development plans for SE Cloud. Need member ability to edit posts and comments before I try SE Cloud again.
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    September 2014 Release Notes
    September 15th
    • The post composer model will now emit a custom 'composer.rendered' event to all it's click-bound elements. This means you can now directly listen for this event to customize the modal. [#cloud]
    • Improvements to the code that handles sending summary emails. Fixes an edge case where some members would not receive summary emails when others would. [#cloud]
    • Improvements to the way users, posts and files are deleted. These are backend fixes, so normal users should not notice any difference. [#cloud] 

    September 10th
    • Admins will now see an edit link when viewing posts. [#cloud]
    • Updated information about the SocialEngine PHP trial to offer 7 days of free support. [#site]
    • Fixed a bug where deleting members from the member/edit section of the admin panel didn't properly clean up member's posts. [#cloud]

    September 4th

    • Added an upload button to account creation page on Mobile. [#cloud]
    • Updated the FAQ, Free Trial page, and trial email to explain that the PHP trial requires PHP 5.3 or higher. [#site]
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Biggest update ever for SEC! Thanks so much. I love you guys and our platform :)
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      Stepan Mazurov Excited about offering free support for our SE PHP Trials!
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      Edwin Rivera Sept 10th, third point- Please also fix the issue/bug with notifications. Notifications still reflect deleted members (i.e. deleted sent you a message)
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    July 2014 Release Notes
    July 24th
    • Fixed an issue where invite emails wouldn't be sent if all email notifications are disabled. [#cloud]

    July 23rd

    • Fixed a bug where transparent PNGs were being distorted by the image processor. [#cloud]
    • Modified Facebook integration to hide invite friends functionally if a site is using a facebook app created after April 30th, 2014.  We're forced to do that because facebook forcibly disabled that functionality in the v2 of their API [#cloud]
    • Adding a Facebook app without setting the Website URL now displays an error. [#cloud]
    • Added a "Getting Started Video Series" videos page for Cloud [#site]

    July 11th
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent users from linking their twitter account with their profile. [#cloud]

    July 10th
    • Fixed a bug where file posts always linked straight to the download in the feed. This can now be toggled with the data-link-target attribute on the feed widget, where setting "external" will link to the download directly[#cloud]

    July 3rd
    • Fixed a bug where multibyte characters may have caused cloud sites to appear offline [#cloud]
    • Added a wysiwyg editor to editing posts in the admin [#cloud]
    • Added expanding textarea for when "Rich Media" is turned on [#cloud]
    • Added a bit of explanation to Rich Media setting [#cloud]
    • Fixed a bug that would not property update tag counts when editing posts. [#cloud]  

    July 1st
    • Documented 'data-no-css' in the docs and made it more explicit [#cloud]
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      Rick Von Ruden Thanks for the Fixes so far! They are great.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Good to see.. Here is a feature I would like to see in cloud:
      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="feed-mini" data-type="recommended" data-items-per-page="8" data-show-composer="false" data-pagination="none" ></script>

      a recommended box under the posts.
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      Rick Von Ruden Sad to see that members being able to edit posts/comments has not been fixed yet and is not planned for July based off of SE Blog. Well one month left of my subscription and then on to something else if not fixed.
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