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    Awaiting A Major Update On S.E Cloud
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    A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something
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    Spotify: A Great Big World -- Say Something :

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    Epic Records/Black Magnetic © 2013 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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    Mobile app for s.e cloud
    It would be nice to have your mobile app in both apple and android so pple can download to their devices.Will lead to more engagement on your site
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      seTweaks That will be possible after adding write capabilities to SE cloud API. currently the API is read-only.
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    Default changes
    Has any of you guys made this changes only to wake up with default???
    {{subject}} - The subject of the email
    {{site.title}} - Your site's title
    {{site.logo}} - URL to your site's logo image
    {{site.address}} - Your site's site URL
    {{}} - The id for the receiver
    {{}} - The display name for the receiver
    {{}} - Email address for the receiver
    {{}} - Profile photo for the receiver
    {{page}} - The URL a user will use to reset their password
    {{code}} - The code used to reset the member's password
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      BumpShaman I've also had some issue like this. Specifically, my email templates go back to default, and my privacy settings for individual page templates go to default whenever I save changes to page code. Will be putting in a service ticket this weekend.
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    Mobile Glitch
    When you guys initially launched the site,even accessing it on a mobile device was glitchless,apart from trying to login.The moment you guys said you fixed mobile access,everything went terribly wrong..And what scares me is the times pple have mentioned this and still..same ol' shit,just a different day.Why is it taking such a long time to fix a MAJOR glitch like that?. I can only imagine what guys with "live" sites are experiencing now.
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      Jung Kim Hi [127,Charlie] are you still experiencing issues with the mobile theme?
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      change Right now it's finally working.Thanks to SE team..I give credit when it's due.
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      Rick Von Ruden I know they are working on it, but I agree it is taking a long time to fix. You would think that they could use SE PHP mobile as a guide to fix SE Cloud mobile as SE PHP mobile works great on all mobile platforms.
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    Mobile glitch
    I took them like that so i can rotate them here,which i can't
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    Mobile major glitch
    @Drew Frey there you have it
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    Mobile major glitch
    Has anyone try to access the site from an android mobile phone? I have a my touch HTC phone and it doen't look good at all
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      Clifford When we try to access our site on an HTC windows phone we get ERROR 403. We have deleted history, etc. etc. however the site is the only URL/site that doesn't work on the HTC phone! Any feedback is appreciated. We have contacted our hosting provider arvixe and socialengine with NO positive results for 2 days.
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      SocialEngineMarket [250,Drew Frey] [37,Alex Benzer]
      We have issues with font sizes on all Android 2.x devices. Issue is similar to described here:
      On Android 4.0.3 tablet everything looks huge, but more readable (may be due to font size).
      Probably, it works fine in Chrome but not in Dolphin for example.
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      Blend Fit™ The site displays properly on the samsung galaxy tablet but isn't as responsive and on the Samsung Galaxy SIII the site displays way to big to even see what's going on. I will send screenshots of both in the morning.
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    Music post
    Add a post for uploading music