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    RSS FEED-Feature Improvement
    RSS feature it is very useful /practical and thanks for continuing elevating the
    standards of Social Engine Cloud.  I would add the following features as
    it is an opportunity for improvement. 

    1. Ability to add one picture/logo in the ADMIN
    section (RSS Feed) per every RSS feed created.  That picture will appear
    in the POSTS and in place of the profile picture in the POSTS related to that
    specific RSS feed.  

    2.  Add flexibility to our design and create a
    separate Script for the RSS feed.   That Script then can be added in a new
    page template for RSS feed or can be added in other pages. Also , this could
    help to control the items per page. I do not like as is now because it could
    overload the feeds (i.e. new) and we do not have flexibility to pull it out of
    the "new" page or create a RSS feed page.

    3.   As example; I would suggest:
    <script type="x-engine/func"
    data-func="feed" data-type="rss"
    data-pagination="auto" data-thumb-size="small"

    4.  Once we open the post via gallery; ensure that
    the links (title) are directing to the external page.

    5.  Frequency- RSS feed is now refreshed every 6
    hours.  Can we reduce frequency to 1-2hours?

    for your support and terrific job. 
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      Nainou I 3nd this
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      BumpShaman Two months later.
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      BumpShaman 4th! Let's tie this in with my recommendations as well. I think this feature has A LOT of potential.

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    Feature/Idea- Have a feed of the "Lists" created by our members to increase interactivity.

    Additional features associated with this idea.
    1. Lists link (feed) will appear in the navigation bar.
    2. Create a separate "page template" for the "Lists feed" (i.e. like new, hot etc.). This page will be added in the ADMIN section and will be in addition to the "List" page template.
    3. Ability to "follow" each "list". This can be integrated inside the lists and once our members are browsing the lists.

    [38,Shaun Harding] [52,Jung Kim] [37,Alex Benzer]
    Thanks for your support and terrific job with SE cloud.
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    COLLAGE POST -IDEA- To follow the trend of sharing multiple or a combination of ...
    Our team is developing our community in a slow but progressing pace to ensure that every important detail is captured and our community/SE Cloud is well developed before we launch our website in Q’4 2013. In fact, on Q'3 2012 we re-assessed our strategy; we decided to stop developing our community with the "SE PHP” platform and we successfully revamped our website development with SE Cloud.
    Now, I am pleased to contribute to the SE community with a trendy feature: “COLLAGE”. This new feature will improve the existing standards of SE cloud, is a new trend and will satisfy our immediate need of sharing multiple or a combination of photos, links, videos and topics. Also will provide a contemporary alternative to photo albums and will simplify the process of sharing multiple posts related each other.
    Please continue contributing with ideas and with feedback on opportunities for improvement. Together on this global community and in partnership with SE team we will make SE Cloud the best product in the market. If we support each other; we will deliver against our individual goals and will positively impact SE Cloud development to elevate the standards of our social communities with remarkable competitive advantage.

    Collage post- Key features and initial thoughts
    1. Ability to share multiple or a combination of photos, links, videos and topics.
    2. We suggest sharing up to five different items in a single post. This will serve to avoid an infinite amount of items shared in a post and to maintain the integrity of mobile applications.
    3. Even though we will share multiple types of posts; the post will only contain one title, one description and one category.
    4. Posts will be shared in “4X6 size ratio- (will apply to Photos, Videos, links or topics)” and this ratio will not change independently of the amount of posts shared. This will help to share photos and videos without cropping the images which could create some complexity.
    5. The arrangement of the posts or the design of the post could vary depending on amount shared. Please refer to the attached picture.
    6. The category will also be visible and will be included with the post (i.e. under the title or the date). Please refer to the picture.
    7. Photo of the author will also be visible in the post and preferable in front of the author's name. Please eliminate “by” located in front of the author's name.
    8. "Collage" will be added into the "Post something" section and with similar format. Please refer to the picture.
    9. If all posts are different, the links will be viewed individually in "Gallery viewer" and maintaining the main title and description.
    10. If all posts are the same (i.e. all photos); the photos or videos will be browsed in the "Gallery viewer" as "carousel" to facilitate the navigation.
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      Kimmie [134,Edwin Rivera] . This is definitely something they should be implementing as it's something we want to use for our site as well.
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      Danny I agree that is cool !
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      Jeffuk Yes a cluster of stories, that would be a very good idea.
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    Support-Modifying the design of the posts (Board/ Clean Theme)
    SE team or community

    1. We are wondering if there is a way to modify the css and place the title, the author and the date at the top of the post and picture/video at the bottom.

    2. Also it will be nice to have the picture of the author instead "by" Author. Is there a way to place the author's picture in front of the Author's name?

    Attached is a concept picture of what we have unsuccessfully tried. We have customized our the CSS of our website without issues. However, we believe that cannot be achieved based on how the "board theme" is designed and that is why we have contacted the SE team for support.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen this is possible...
      Add this to your custom css:
      .posts .post_photo>a{margin-top:27px;;display:block;width:100%;text-align:top;}
      .posts .post_title {margin-top:-195px;font-size: 10px;line-height: 10px;width: 270px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}
      .posts .post_author{margin-top:190px;color:#999;}

      This is not fitted for your theme, so you need to edit margin-top on all 3 lines.

      When it comes to the picture, I cant figure that one out..
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      Edwin Rivera [52,Jung Kim] [2440,Robin] or SE community; Do you have suggestions?
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    Feature/Idea-"Watching"- Feed, Main Menu and Page Template

    Now we receive a notification of the posts that we are "watching" and when someone has made a comment. However, I think that a better approach will be a page where user can review the posts that is watching for comments or simply to review those posts in a later date. Please include "watching'' as a feed (data-type), at the main menu bar and as page template (ADMIN section- similar to new, following, hot etc.). "Watching" will be seen have similar design as the "following" or "new" in the board theme and the stream theme.

    Please keep doing your great job, keep us posted and launch new features when they are fully developed. We are all excited with the momentum gained and the bold direction of SE Cloud. Thanks for your continued support!
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      Edwin Rivera @Robin I had to submit a ticket on November 29th to add the feature. [52,Jung Kim] mentioned that this feature is not available and it will be added as requested feature. @Jung Kim Do we have updates on this request?
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      Robin Did you get something?
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      Robin I've tried but until the watch is in the post template I cannot filter in the feed. Let see with more time what can done.
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    IDEA-New Sections-Page Templates/ CSS/Themes for Mobile applications
    Please create a Mobile page templates and Mobile CSS in a separate section and independently to the main webpage. This will foster creativity and we will manage the mobile design and the website design separately. Right now, it is difficult to change the website design without corrupting the mobile and it is limiting our possibilities. Do we have other ideas on how to address this issue?
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      Jung Kim [134,Edwin Rivera] we have received few requests for this too. We are debating internally on how to make this happen. :)
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      Isaac Completely agree Edwin.
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      Robin Agree with you Edwin ;)
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    BUG-Internet Explorer 8 and 9-Members Section
    [52,Jung Kim]
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      Tony Perez BTW suggestion on the members page, i noticed the pics are more rectangular. I think it would make more sense that they were the same square pic that's used on profile, keeps the experience the same for users and looks better as you can see the whole pic as intended by the user.
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      Jung Kim This is weird. None of us can reproduce this. Do you have any plugins or anything 3rd party that might affect this? Also, is anyone else in the community seeing this?
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    Building on Marc’s suggestions; we love the idea of adding “Status update” into the “post something!“ section and I would limit characters to ≈200 (to avoid paragraphs). The value is that members will be active in our network even though they do not have content to share. Now, what about if we also add a simplified version of sharing “Events” and “Documents” as content. Events and documents are also imperative to share for most of our networks. Please refer to the picture to review my initial thoughts on "Events". [250,Drew Frey]
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      s.ziyad different claud sites will be for different needs. a long list of plugins will have to come as SEC grows. my idea is to keep on building a list of optional plugins made Active-Deactivate possible from admin.
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      marc Sounds perfect to me. [250,Drew Frey] would members be able to 'follow' an event as an indication that they will be attending?
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      Kimmie Cool Idea. I like.
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    Request- Stream Theme- POPUP window for all postings

    It will be great if we can browse the postings and add comments to the Stream Theme as seen in the Board theme. Similar to the board theme; once we click the links; a popup window will appear and we will browse videos, topics, links, photos etc on that window. The popup window will provide a better view and more organized area for all postings. Also, members will navigate through messages faster and will increase interactivity.

    Thanks for your continued efforts and great work. Together we will make our mission a reality.
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      Jung Kim [134,Edwin Rivera] you can do this by editing your template. Check out http://community.socialengine.com/admin/help/templates#widget-feed. If you set a "data-gallery-mode" param, it will open all links in that feed in gallery mode.

      For example, in this page (http://community.socialengine.com/admin/templates/edit?theme=22&file=hot.html), change the following line:
      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="feed" data-type="hot"></script>

      To this:
      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="feed" data-type="hot" data-gallery-mode="true"></script>
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      Soundman nooooo! individual pages are better. i have ads on the post page, so this would loose money for me
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    BUG-Internet Explorer-Members and Post Something! area
    Today, I browsed the website in Internet Explorer for the first time and we noticed bugs in the members area and in the "Post something!" section. Not sure if you are aware of this issue so I am sharing the screen shots. Also, some of the pictures are not correlating with their respective members.
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      Jung Kim [134,Edwin Rivera] which version of IE are you using? I can fix the post modal, but I cannot get the members page to look like yours.
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      seTweaks Which IE version?
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    Support on issue - when we add data-type="member" on page templates
    We created a page template and we have added "my posts" into the main menu. We have added the following code to show the current user's posts. The rest of the code is basically a copy of the "new" to maintain the design integrity.

    However, the posts are not showing when we use data-type="member". And it works when we use data-type="hot", data-type="top" or data-type="following" Do you have suggestions on how we could solve this issue?
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    IDEA- “FOLLOWING” Section-Improve “Online Now”
    When we are in the “Following” section; the “Online Now” shows all members of the community that are online rather than only members that we are following. Please ensure that “Online Now” shows only the people that I am following.
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    IDEAS-NEW PROFILES-Members, Groups, Businesses, Organizations- Additional Sugges...
    One of the features that we like from SE Cloud is its simplicity and opportunities still exist to enhance the profiles while we increase membership and interactivity.

    IDEA 1
    There is an opportunity with the custom fields associated with the member’s settings and the member’s profile. Sometimes we ask questions to the members during the sign-in process that are important for our business to understand the market/demographics but we do not need to show them into the Members Profile. To solve that glitch, we propose to add “showed in Profile”/”hidden in profile” link or similar approach to determine what is showed in the members profile description. This solution will help to keep members profile cleaner while we capture information needed for some of our applications and we assess our market. Refer to figure A. and Figure B.

    IDEA 2
    Building on Idea 1 and more important: Most of the time we create profiles as person, group, business or organization. The idea 2 is to provide new members an alternative to select the type of profile that they are creating in our social community. The profiles type will be selected as Person, Business, Group or Organization. In that sense we will keep the simplicity (as seen on posts) and will solve a major gap found on SE Cloud: the ability to create Groups profiles, Businesses profiles and organizations profiles. Members will follow businesses; members will associate/follow with groups or will follow organizations. In other hand, groups, businesses and organizations will be managing their user accounts independently and will promote their services via posts. As result, we will increase the membership and the interactivity in our website. Refer to Figure C.

    IDEA 2- Details: Additional proposals?
    1. An independent user account for groups, members, businesses or organizations can be created with its own E-mail during sign-in process. Once they select the profile type; the user will answer the questions customized in the admin section that corresponds to the specific profile (members, groups, businesses, organizations)
    2. ADMIN section: Page templates will need to include Members (Page url: /members), Businesses (Page url: /businesses), groups (Page url: /groups) and organizations (Page url: /groups). This will provide the flexibility to select which ones are needed in our website or added in the main page. All those page templates will have the same design as members (page templates).
    3. ADMIN section: We will need to include the Members Settings (current), Businesses Settings (new), Groups Settings (new) and Organizations Settings (new). This will help to adjust all settings independently. The custom fields questions can be customized depending on the profile type. However, they will be similar design as Members settings and definitely without asking for birthday or gender.
    4. Members or users will follow other members, Businesses, Groups and organizations.
    5. “NEW” posts, “TOP RATED” posts and “WHAT’s HOT” posts will include updates from Members, Groups, Businesses and Organizations in the website.
    6. “Following” section will include updates for Members, Businesses, Groups and Organizations that the user is following.
    7. SEARCH- Members could search for groups, businesses, members and organizations
    8. Members profile, group profile, business profile and organization profile will have same design to maintain the website integrity
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      BumpShaman Hmmmm... I see that the idea of "hidden" and "public" profile info fields has come up a few times many months ago -- before I ever brought it up recently as a feature request. Surprised it hasn't been added in yet...
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      Robin What about?
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    Integration with LINKED IN is also imperative
    We have successfully integrated Facebook and Twitter with SE-5. Please ensure and I suggest that you also include "Linked in". Some of our networks will target specific niche markets (i.e. professionals) and the integration with Linked in will be imperative. Please include it in the Sign-in process, the Invite friends section and other areas that can be integrated as Facebook/Twitter. Thanks for your continued improvements and outstanding job with SE-5.
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    Improve Search- Additional Ideas?
    Please improve the search engine.

    Idea 1-Show the search results depending on the section that members are browsing. As an example; if I am in the member's area and I search by "Edwin" the result will show me all members called "Edwin" and sorted alphabetically. In addition to have members ordered alphabetically; please ensure that the format is kept as it looks in the members section. Right now it seems that is only searching by "posts" but I like that you are maintaining the format of the "posts".

    Idea 2- Alternatively and my preference; please have a drop down menu close to the search field (refer to picture) and online members could choose the section that they would like to search (i.e Members, Posts, Groups etc.) and the results/format are presented as explained on Idea 1.

    Is imperative to have an effective search field while the communities are evolving and postings/members/groups are more difficult to find.

    P.D. SE team- Congratulations and outstanding job with SE5! SE5 is heading to the right direction while you are engaging/listening your customers
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      Sergey What do you think connect Idea 1 and idea 2. For example: If I go to groups's page then drop down menu will change to groups, if I go to members's page drop down menu will change to members and if I want search groups on members's page I only choose Groups in drop down menu and I continue search. Excuse for my english.
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      Lauri I agree :)
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      John Boehr Great ideas! You're correct in that right now it only searches posts. Thanks!
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