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    ScriptTech's Free Plugins and 4.9
    Hi Everyone,

    Just a note that all of our plugins are working fine in 4.9. We currently have three free plugins seen at our Expert profile. Our demo is already running 4.9.

    For any that have used them, please do provide a review of them at the SocialEngine market product review area as a thank you to us. We enjoy making free plugins and enjoy hearing feedback even more. :)

    If we don't get some feedback, we'll assume that our products aren't something that people like and will stop providing freebies. We do have one more freebie ready but will await some feedback before spending time on more. Note that our intention is to provide small, free products. 

    Details about our products are found at our forum which is also used for public support. 

    Feel free to drop us a line.

    Thank you!
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      Matt Sutton I think I'll take a look at the google translate plugin and leave a review in the SE marketplace.
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      ScriptTechs Data66 [241595,Mikel Coreclark] we've added the staff block you were interested in,

      Hope it's what you were looking for. It's free. :)