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    SocialEngine PHP 4.9.0 and Third Party Products
    The release of new SE version with php 7 support made a lot of website owners want to upgrade asap.

    While it's a good idea to still to php7 it's important to run any upgrade procedures on a separate sandbox installation. To make sure live server update will run without any issues. It's important to check if every plugin is php 7 compatible and supports SE 4.9.0

    I have a couple of suggestions how to make this process easier for community owners and hope SocialEngine team will support me here.

    1. There should be SE version filter at the official Marketplace. All listings have SE version number in them. There will be dozens of plugins not working with newest SE for quite some time, but fully workable with prev. versions. There should be an easy way to differentiate them.

    2. Plugin review process should include the version check. Currently some plugins have SE 4.9.9 or 4.x mentioned as version support, which is a false information.

    3. Field "VERSION TESTED" should not be a free field but a drop-down to select the latest version plugin was tested with. To make filtering more efficient.

    PS. WebHive team is currently working on the release of plugin updates and we will announce when new releases are ready.

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      Donna Sorry I missed responding before. We do already have some of the suggestions on our list from the beginning and have been working to get the marketplace updated. I do check plugins for version numbers before approving (for the ones I approved) and I think the other staff did before I came on board. However, these can be edited after approval. We will have to discuss this internally and see what we can do. We have to allow devs to edit their products so it's not an option to not allow editing.
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      gs Thanks Eugene - great suggestions.

      It's interesting how many 'I know what I'm doing and have been using SE for years and have gazillions of members at my site' ADMINs just dive right in without using a sandbox (at least separate folder) for testing first and/or don't bother checking with their 3rd-Party Devs to be sure their Plugins are ready (I'm waiting for 6 of 7 Devs to update, before I implement testing 4.9). I've read some github issues that are not due to SE, but rather the 'expert ADMIN' not doing what's common/proper/suggested practice. In fact, I'm also waiting to find out what each Dev determines is best - update SE before or after updating the Dev's Plugins.

      As you've mentioned, there should be a drop-down that lists each and every version a Plugin. Just because something was tested and supports 4.8.10 for example, doesn't mean it does for 4.8.09 or 4.8.11. There's a lot that I'm hoping SE does with the Marketplace as far as more info, more complete reviews (especially from those that have purchased/used a Plugin), etc. But I'm sure that will come with time.

      Thanks for the useful post. You're a great Dev (both as a person, Team, and Plugins). Keep up the great work!
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    Fix: SocialEngine 4.8 and Facebook login
    We got problems on different SocialEngine installation recently due to Facebook API update. Facebook login stopped to work, no errors were in logs.

    A fix for this is found here,

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      Eugene @Donna there is the same issue in the newest SE 4.9 beta 1. Could you forward it to devs so it can be implemented? It will be great to add some checks there so in case of problem something will appear in error_log
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    Apps reviews
    We had one of apps submitted for review last week, but it was rejected last night with the reason "Don't include links in description."

    Nowhere in the submission process there were such requirements. The urls we have used were for the demo link and for the installation process link

    I wonder if there are plans to improve the apps review process. The review itself is pretty time consuming, yet rules are not clearly stated anywhere.

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      gs [231316,Donna] ,
      Will the MarketPlace eventually link Devs and Plugins like it used to? In the past when looking at a Plugin/Theme, I could select the Dev Name and it would link to the Dev page with all their other Plugins/Themes listed. This was very useful to me - especially during the early months when I was scoping out SE and building the list of Plugins I would require (and building my list of questions for Devs and customizations required).

      I may have missed this so I apologize in advance if I did.

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      seTweaks Another issue in the review process is that the reviewer could list all the rejection reasons in one rejection instead of rejecting the listing multiple times for a single reason in each rejection email and forcing us to submit the listing multiple times. If we knew all the rejection reasons in one rejection email, we could fix it all at once and not get frustrated with rejections after rejections!
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      SocialEngineSolutions [231316,Donna] We too have submitted our app more than a week ago, but the status till now is Pending Review. Also when we submitted the app, the description was not coming fine on the front end, but there does not seem to be any timeline for this review process and until when we have to wait.
      Many times we got the error on sites:

      503 Service Unavailable

      No server is available to handle this request.
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    Notifications in SE Cloud
    I believe it's a pretty old bug.

    If I posted something in any topic here and receive a reply I get 2 notifications:
    1. Somebody replied to your post
    2. Somebody posted in topic X

    And two emails as well. It's pretty easy to resolve (add a quick check and keep notification #1 only if there are two of them). As otherwise if you participate in discussions - you get too many duplicate notifications.

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      Stepan Mazurov I get the same thing, its a bit annoying for sure. I haven't had a chance to look at how exactly this is implemented, but the whole system is very hard to test, which is why I avoided looking more into it (in addition to it being fairly low priority).

      I wasn't aware that this was ever brought up before - we typically do try to fix small issues like this for long term (1 year) clients. This is the first time somebody else has mentioned it, and that its a problem for them.
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      Donna I get the same thing. I wasn't sure if it was a feature or bug as I'm new. Thank you for posting. I'll ask the team about this once I start my day. :)
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    Zend Framework 2/3 migration
    Are there any plans or possibly work in progress to migrate SE PHP to a newer ZF version (2 or even 3)?

    There was an announcement about a month ago that ZF1 will no longer get security updates after Sep 28, 2016

    New versions of ZF are also considerably faster, using PHP7 benefits. Such migration will definitely require quite some work from 3rd party developers as well as from SE team. But it definitely worth the efforts as new libraries/scripts/updates aren't likely to appear for ZF1 any longer.

    So hopefully you consider or already work on SE 5 that will use a newer ZF.

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      Stepan Mazurov Yup, we do plan to upgrade to ZF 3 - it will be some time, however, and most certainly as part of the next major (SE PHP 5) version.
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    Permalink for comment
    Guys, is there a way to get a permalink for some particular comment on SE Cloud? It looks like even on the activity feed the link goes to submission and not the comment itself.

    I think it's pretty easy to add this one if it's missing, but it will improve user experience
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    SE Cloud Access for developers
    Are there any news about SocialEngine Cloud access for developers? We are asked from time to time about theme demo.
    Access was promised for more than a year already.

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    Why Arvixe is a recommended hosting for SEphp?
    There were few mentions that Arvixe is recommended for SEphp, because this company "offers optimized servers configured for SocialEngine".

    I believe it's not right because there are issues with their default setup (we had few clients who use them). Hosting does not follow SocialEngine recommendations:
    1. mod_rewrite isn't enabled
    2. php isn't installed as a module of Apache
    3. APC isn't installed
    4. Version of php isn't the most recent (5.3)

    I have nothing against the company. There issues are usually fixed within a day or two by hosting support. But why are they there by default? Especially if they are officially recommended.
    I believe a lot of people expect servers are optimized already. As a result their SocialEngine setup is slow and they think it's SocialEnginePHP issue.

    Please upvote this post. I hope somebody from Arvixe will notice it and they will update their default setup.
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      Adan Martinez their customer service is kinda fast but your site is always the problem and never their servers and the site performance is extremely slow. I will highly recomend Hostiso from Hire Experts, their service and support its great
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      (deleted) thats just why I shut down my SE PHP hosted with hostforweb.just keep crashing.Their told me its the script that is causing the problem.So almost 1 year of rubbish hosting and loss of my 4500 members I have to start over again
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      Vex I've used Arvixe for over a year and they rock. APC is only on VPS or dedicated, but SE on their shared plan works great for me!
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    Divide community and demo
    There is a lot of interesting suggestions posted here. But most of them are lost in test posts.

    I think it will be better to keep all test posts in a separate category. They should not appear on Hot and New sections.
    What do you think?
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      Alex Benzer It's a good idea. We had trouble deciding whether or not to do this.

      Instead we made this community clients-only, for the most part. That's slowed down the test posts. In fact my Hot feed is currently only ~ 10% test posts.

      I really like the idea of using a real live community of SE sitebuilders as our demo, since it showcases what a real community looks like, instead of an empty site filled with test/dummy content.
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      Jeff Excellent idea, Eugene. I think it should be a completely separate site. I'd hope this site (or the other site) could be focused solely on technical issues, bugs, widget enhancements, etc. That said, I'm glad SE finally gave us a place to hang out other than in their blog comments. ;)
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    "Top Rated" Category does not change
    Guys, I've noticed that Top Rated does not that over the time. It has the same discussions and unlikely any new discussions will get on top.
    Have you considered making some kind of time period so old posts won't appear there? For example top posts within a 2 weeks (should be configurable since it will depend on community activity)
    Here is an example
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      Jung Kim The "hot" tab is more closer to hacker news' 'best'. It considers score, views and time to put an item to the top.
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    Live Examples (SocialEngine Cloud)
    Since SocialEngine Cloud is live it looks like people already started to build communities with it.
    If anyone wants feedback, critics, suggestions (and possibly first members as well) share the URL of community you are building and let us know more about it.
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    Zend Framework 2 (SE4)
    Guys, I know it's a beta for SE5.
    But it will be really interesting to hear your opinion.
    There was a release of Zend Framework 2 STABLE.
    Do you plan to upgrade Zend Framework version used in SE4? According to Zend website they plan to support the old version with security fixes, but no longer than 18-24 months
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    Label bug
    Found an issue with "admin", "author" labels. Check the screenshot.
    That's in Chrome (Ubuntu)
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      Drew Frey Thanks. I think we got this ironed out. Are you still seeing this issue?
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    Small bugs
    1. Noticed a small bug. You can't reply to your own comment until you reload the page.

    2. Long-threaded discussions are broken after the 10th reply
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      Ragab test
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      Drew Frey Thanks for pointing these out [196,Eugene] !

      We noticed the long-threaded bug the other day and have added it to the list. I'll check on the first issue you mentioned.

      Thanks again! Keep the great feedback coming!
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    Technologies behind SE5
    It's interesting to find out what technologies are used in SocailEngine 5
    From what I see there are
    1. Twitter Bootstrap
    2. JQuery
    3. It looks like node.js is used to retrieve some of members' data

    Are there still Zend Framework or php used on server side?
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      Shaun Harding Yup. PHP is still used for much of SE5 and we still use some Zend Framework components, albeit sparingly.
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      Alex Benzer Amazon AWS on the backend
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      Frank No more Zend with SE5. It's built on a very simply and lightweight MVC. All development will be done as widgets that consume the API, which can be placed into page templates, or as entire themes which are collections of page templates and CSS.
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