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    Is anyone else having trouble with member search?
    This is the code I'm using, I am using the board theme

    Is anyone else having trouble with member search.
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    Member Fields & Member Labels
    I'm trying to edit the css for member fields and member label. The profile questions and answers do not stand out and tend to run together.

    I'd like to adjust the color and the padding how do I go about doing this?

    #page_profile .profile .member_link I'm not sure what part I need to edit can someone please help me please.

    Also will the member questions and answers be searchable?
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      Robin I recommed you to install Firebug app in Firefox.
      An easy way to know what you've to change in your CSS!
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      Blend Fit™ Member Fields & Member Values
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    Member Search not working
    The Member search function isn't working for my site.

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    Frustration setting in...
    I'm trying to create a page redirect after a user signs in or creates an account how do I go about doing this, I'm hoping someone that is familiar with Social Engine can help, please.

    The basic page refresh doesn't really do the trick using tags yes it works but I need the page to redirect after a user completes the sign up or sign in process.
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    HTML & Featuring
    1. I am so confused about the option for allowing HTML posts. Do I need to insert each HTML tag without <> that is allowed on my site? Where does the html go for a post? Does it go in the description, or as a topic post?

    2. I am trying to create a page for featured members, unfortunately it isn't displaying anything. Do I need a DIV header id for the featured members section, or do I just use the script I have tried several times but it still isn't working properly.
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      Robin Regarding the post go to admin>settings>posts, at the bottom you will see the option Allowed HTML.
      I ask this afternoon to SE why all tags are not working.
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      Robin Have you tried to create a template like this:
      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="template" data-name="header"></script>

      <div class="widget fg widget_members_popular">
      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="lang" data-key="Featured Members"></script>
      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="members-featured" data-items="10"></script>

      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="template" data-name="footer"></script>
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    Sign up & Sign in not working
    The sign up and sign in buttons and pages are not working properly.
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      Blend Fit™ I was referring to the site default sign in and sign up, I think there was an error on my part because of a change to to header menu. My apologies.
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      Drew Frey Are you referring to the Twitter and Facebook signup buttons?
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    Mobile Glitch - Photo Update
    Here is a screenshot of what the mobile glitch looks like on a Samsung Galaxy mobile device.
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      Drew Frey Thanks for sharing [2122,Jay Frye] . This is a big help.
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    Drop Down Menu, Posts, & Splash Pages
    How do I add another drop down menu for custom pages?

    Also, I'd like to know if there is a way to display posts from admins only on certain pages?

    Lastly, I've created custom pages and I'd like to have a unique splash page for my site, how do I set it up so that my domain is the splash page? Do I need to set the rest of the site to .php?
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      Robin Just use the option use in Menu creating the template
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    Hover Wow!!
    It would be nice to see hover cards for member links, I think that it would make for better user interaction.

    Hover over member link it should open a follow or message button.
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      Drew Frey Thanks Jay.

      I've seen a few people request this feature. Glad to know that it's a hot request.
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    Bugs & More
    My admin panel isn't visible for some reason. It is also not visible on the social engine site.

    Member photos on the member page really stink to be hones is there a way for the images to display the full picture instead of it being cut off?
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      LionHeart mine is working too
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      Rick Von Ruden Mine is working.
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      Drew Frey Hey [2122,Jay Frye] , could you provide us with some more detail?! We saw this a few days ago and fixed it but if you're still having problems with the images please let me know.

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