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    One of My Favorite Features in 4.9 - Banners!
    I love banners! It's such a nice feature in 4.9.

    There's so much you can do with banners. Some tips are in that tutorial but I would LOVE to know how you're using banners.

    What ways have you come up with to use them? Are they spicing up your community?
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      Penny Room Host Are banners supposed to be included in the new upgrade? I don't have them.
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      Mikel Coreclark GS has some great ideas with banners.
      On my site I'm going to do a ' Missing Person' like ads but i can use banners. Banners has opened up a hoe world of potential and new thinking.
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      gs Well, not sure if this is helpful since it's using 3rd-Pary Sliders/Slideshows, but this is how I plan on using them (btw - I purchased 3 different Plugins and ended up customizing one of them).

      Although they can be used in the traditional way (displaying images with/without text & CTAs), my goal is to use them primarily for advertising purposes - especially for specific content pages and allow them to be customized per content page for specific content. This allows Group1 to display a different banner/slider than Group2 sees on their page (or Events or whatever). So, although I plan on including ADMIN selected banners/sliders at various locations, from a monetization standpoint it seems better to allow Group/Event owners (or in my case since I'm using SEAO Plugins - Causes/Campaigns and Businesses) to sell advertising space on their own pages (profile, event, blog, photo albums, whatever) so it's a win-win (we both make some revenue).

      The primary purpose of my site is to provide Causes/Schools/Teachers/Veterans/1stResponders/etc. many methods of raising revenue, and this is just a no-brainer since many businesses want to reach specific eyeballs, and this seems to be a great way of doing so.
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    How are you preparing for the 4.9 release?
    As our 4.9 is just around the corner, I thought I would open this thread to see how you all are preparing for release. This thread is also mentioned in our blog that should come out today. :) 

    Do you have your upgrade plans all set up?

    How are you handling customizations, plugins, etc?

    I'll post a link to the blog in the community once it's out as well. It's a pre-release post with some info on anticipated release dates.
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      Sieg I confess that I was expecting something like a demo or a release date in the yesterday blog :|
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      beanorama Confused. I've received several emailed offers to pay now for the 4.9 upgrade. I've got a license already and I don't recall paying for upgrades.
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      gs With great anticipation, excitement, and hope :)

      My situation is very different from most because I'm still in development mode (yes, after over 1.5 years - mainly due to countless bugs with 1 particular Dev's Plugins). But I was planning on moving to production 2017-QTR1, but held off due to the imminent release of 4.9 which I need primarily for the (hoped) page-load-speed reduction using PHP 7/7.1 and Zend security updates. Although I have many SE Modules, I only use Core (obviously) and Photo Albums (every other feature/functionality is replaced with 3rd-Party Plugins/Theme). Thus re: 4.9, I have little concern with SE, but great concern with 3rd-Party Devs. In fact, the only thing I care about with 4.9 (besides hopefully no negative impact to my site) is PHP 7/7.1 compatibility and the Zend security updates. I don't even care about the new Theme as I won't be replacing SpectroMedia. So, all of the new features and functionality are of no use to me. But, this has been my plan from day 1 with SE - I only need SE because the 3rd-Party Plugins I require are built on SE.

      - Plugins/Theme: Contacted 3rd-Party Devs for all Plugins I have to find out their estimated time-to-update their Plugins after 4.9 is released (especially since they've probably already had a version of 4.9 for them to work/test on to get a head-start with their Plugin/Theme updates)
      - Customizations: For the most part, I have asked Devs over the past year to be sure customizations are compatible with PHP 7/7.1, but obviously they couldn't guarantee SE 4.9 compatibility until they had 4.9, but there's not much that should be impacted by 4.9 (since all customizations are to 3rd-Party Pluigns, not SE directly) so for the most part I should (hopefully) be in good shape with customizations
      - Since my current server OS doesn't support multiple versions of PHP, last December I tested an updated server OS with xVarnish but ran into serious performance issues with Logging In and also 1 Plugin (2-4 min page loads). So, that option is out. I plan on setting up a separate server with PHP 7/7.1 and porting the existing site to that for the 4.9 updates and all testing (along with 3rd-Party Plugins). This way that is independent of my current Dev site/server. Depending on how things go and when, either the Dev server OS and SE site will be updated (SE 4.9 and all 3rd-Party Plugins), or the upgraded SE w/Plugins (on the 2nd server) will be ported back to the server1 (after server OS and PHP updates) and continue from there.

      There are many sub-steps involved, but that's the general idea. Again, please keep in mind that since I'm still not into Production that I have much more flexibility and less urgent potential issues than most SE ADMINs.
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    What's Your Plan?
    I've been planning to change my sites to the SocialEngine framework (both are currently using another script). As I've been planning, I thought I would start a discussion about your website plans.

    Do you have some plans for your site this year? Perhaps a new theme or blog series. Perhaps adding some features or customizations. 

    Does social media play a part in your plans? If so, which ones? I've seen a trend away from Twitter as many grumble that it's become just one big advertisement. 

    Do you have plans to get your members more involved with your site? (We do have a blog coming up about this topic)

    My own plans involve:

    Moving third party content (articles) into Blogs for the import.
    Moving Group blogs into discussions.
    Alerting my members of the impending move (done on one site already).
    Making plugins to replace the other plugins I made for the other script (these will be in the marketplace).
    Announcing on FB/Twitter/Google after the moves and sending newsletters.
    Making YT videos for how to use the new site.
    More blog posts for each site to engage members.

    I've more plans but you get the idea. :)

    Feel free to provide your feedback!

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      Sieg My plans list ;)

      1- Find a way to have a better comment system for my commnunity: Actually is impossible to have a good discussion when you dont know where people is commenting;
      2- Find a gamification plugin like a points/credits system: The unique developer avaliable (I am not considering Younetco) is not answering questions about their plugin (Points from Hire Experts).
      3- Find a good auto newsletter plugin: Again a useful plugin that I would like an alternative, but Hire Experts is not answering questions about their products;
      4- Write more tutorials and record videos to explain how the site works;
      5- Produce more content and improve my social network accounts;
      6- Maybe a mobile app
      7- While the mobile app doesnt come, work on a better responsive layout
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      Spirit Silverwind Get off SE PHP and get on my custom platform that I have being coded from the ground up

      our new platform will have the following:

      -To be considered-
      Tagging system
      Staff Notation
      Char limit info for wall feature (visually seen - example twitter)
      Ability to organize friends
      Faqs/Q&A/tut/wiki like features?
      Clean URL handling
      Better profile/settings/page/content/ -controls- (I.E stopping email notices from say getting tagged in photos etc)
      The ability to allow users to set rather they want to rechieve or have to send friendship invites (To stop users from randomly adding them etc)
      The ability to set profile to reject all friendships by default
      Better notifcation system with the ability to archive/log/ or fully adjust/customize
      Force SSL globaly (even on custom profiles using none http(s) images)
      Better Email template with clickable links (and no random odd spaces)
      Entirely new Adminstrastion system (Complete overhaul, Logging, Ticket system, flagging system etc)
      Windows 10 supported Scaling, Browser Supported scalling, Phone(s) and tablet handling of website and its scalability
      Get off standard CSS and perhaps switch to CSS3?
      Add verifcation/two step security for those who want the extra security

      -Features list-
      We're making a list of what features and functions the new site will have.. This is in no way a complete list! .. We welcome your thoughts and opinions on anything you see missing.

      ~ In progress ~
      We have already figured out how to incorporate these, and initial steps to make it happen have been taken.

      * Wall
      -- Editable comments
      -- #Hashtag support
      -- @Refrence support
      -- Usable links
      * Badges
      * Private messaging
      * Relationships
      * User muting/blocking
      * Forums
      -- Better moderation tools
      -- Topic subscriptions
      * Content sharing, with foldering systems
      -- Photos
      -- Artwork
      -- Comic books
      -- Music
      -- Stories
      -- Books (multi page and chapter support)
      -- Writings
      -- Blogs
      * WYSIWYG editor for most things
      * Personalized appearance options
      -- Theme selection
      -- Flexible layout
      * Content creator tools
      -- Content creators (Artists, Musicians, Writers, tailors, etc) may flag themselves as such
      -- Users will be able to view a list of these creators, by type
      * Enhanced profiles
      -- Seperate tabs for different aspect of the user's profile
      -- Sub-Profiles (Fursonas) - Each user will be allowed to create a sub-profile for each of their fursonas.
      * Edit tracking - Edits to most content logged for administrative purposes
      * Flagging - Help the moderators and admins by flagging inappropriate content
      * Link/Resource hub - Help other users fnd useful websites by sharing links through a special tool.. Sites will be categorized, and filterable/searchable.
      * Points system - Earn points by doing certain things on the site.. Then use these points to "purchase" stuff
      * Allow poll creators to view results without participating
      * Enhanced groups system
      -- Organize groups hierarchicaly
      * Better support system - Get help, report bugs, and many other things through a ticketing system, allowing admins and moderators to better see what things need to be handled/dealt with.
      ~ Will do ~
      We definitely want these things. But we haven't figured out how just yet. Other then being ideas on a list, nothing has been done to make them a reality.

      * Auto-refreshing wall
      * Activity wall - A wall dedicated to showing events occuring on the site. (i.e "User uploaded photos", "User joined the site", "User created a new blog entry", "User became friends with another user", etc)
      * Notifications system - Get informed when things you care about happen
      ~ Under consideration~

      Were not sure how practical or feasable these features will be. Further consideration and thought will be given to them as the project progresses.. Hopefully we can find a way..

      * Chat system
      * Instant messaging (Private chat rooms?)
      * Wall RSS feed
      * Wall digest (email ed daily)
      * Area for members in need to ask for help
      * (optional) Multi-step verification
      * Notification history
      * Subscribe/Unsubscribe from wall feed threads
      * (opt-inable) member locator
      * Anonymous member location statistics
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