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      Rick Von Ruden Sounds like a bug with the 3rd party advanced comments script. Have you contacted the 3rd party developer?
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      LPPhx25 Why contact the 3rd party developer? Why doesn't anyone know how the output gets dumped to the screen? I have walked through 1000's of lines of code and looking at the inner workings of Social Engine (without much documentation or comments), trying to figure out how stuff works so in the future I can track down other errors. So, there has to be a section of code that says "output this, don't output that" Why is that not documented and why doesn't anyone know where that file is? The only answers I seem to get is contact the 3rd party developers (who don't respond by the way, or want more money to fix their stuff).
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      Donna I suggest to contact the third party developer, as Rick Von Ruden suggested also.
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