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    Stay Safe Friends
    Our thoughts and prayers are with the city of Boston. Please stay safe everyone.
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      HIFI SE words can't express the sadness. Prayers are with the families...
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      Nainou Our hearts today are with Boston city and the victims and their families.
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      Kimmie Definitely sending out prayers for those hurt in this tragedy, their family and friends.
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    Many Ning Members Moving To SocialEngine
    We've recently seen a lot of Ning users email us or switch platforms entirely over the last few weeks. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear more about what made you pull the trigger and move to SocialEngine. :) Thanks guys!
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      Kimmie [15205,Jule] , I would definitely recommend SE Cloud. It is what we have chosen and I'm absolutely in love with it. I have no development skills and work with an affordable designer [73,seTweaks] . If you can change to SE Cloud I think you will be really happy. The admin panel is user friendly and you also get SEC support. I literally tell people I have an IT team because of the support they provide. For me, support responses are always within 24 hours and my problem is always resolved or put on the list to be resolved and they come through. So I hope you give SEC a chance. If you have questions or want to msg me please feel free to do so.
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      Alex Guillaume Ning or SEC are a great tool when you begin a social network. But when you want a lot of optimizations, SE PHP is a great tool... to date. I really look forward to launch my new social network and to ask my 16000 Ning members to switch to it. Hope this time it will be the last time I loose most of my network when moving from one platform to an other. (SocialGo -> Ning -> SE php)
      PS : Developping a complete SE php, runing fast, with some optimizations, and good pluggins... cost me about 5000$. :-(
      For the same platform, home made in 2009, would have cost me 150 000 to 200 000 $ !!! :-)

      So ask me the question in 6-12 month... I'll tell you if it's a good idea or not to switch to SE !
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      Joan Hi Drew, we're total newbies and we initially had about 6 ideas for social sites. We settled on one and then had a trial with SE and Ning. We thought SE was great all along but went with Ning 'cos they offered a paid access solution with a ready hosted platform. SEPHP was not something we felt we had the skills for at the time and we just didn't want the hassle or cost of self hosting. It was a very stressful time! Cut a long story short Ning just didn't deliver. It was ridiculously slow, clunky, uninspiring, boring, the community manager was as much use as a wet rag and in the end it just didn't excite us. SEC on the other hand does. It's fast, intuitive, great design, great team, great support, priced just right and just a great place to be. We're using Cloud and we love it! In January the Ning Community manager left to go elsewhere (please tell us he's not coming to SE!) Before he went he posted that Ning had "big things" planned but he couldn't say what it was, blah, blah, blah. So maybe the recent interest from Ning customers might correspond to whatever the "big thing" was, not working out? Anyway we've solved our paid access problem (we think) simply by using a Paypal Subscribe button and we'll launch on SEC soon. We won't win any design awards or anything but we're taking a longer term view on the SE team. Kind of like betting on Dyson, early on against Hoover. So thanks Drew for the often insightful community input and the rest of the SE team for their hard work in delivering a fantastic product. Keep focused 'cos you've got the beginnings of a great company.
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    What are the biggest challenges you're facing with your community?
    Feel free to share anything/everything here that you're struggling with.

    What would you have done differently if you were starting from scratch today?

    Thanks in advance guys.
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      Kimmie I would say better communication with the SE teams about SE Cloud challenges. I know SEC is new and some information you may learn as support tickets come in, but there are some information we should have been made aware of. Namely, Private Site option is a problem with search engines, alexa and any others out there that need to crawl your site. Also, not all admins are coders, designers, developers and we have to pay others for these services. Therefore, communication needs to be a top priority between SE Team and admins so we don't have to spend money due to lack of communication.

      Next, I would say traffic and marketing, especially when you are on a budget.

      This is the only feedback right now but want to also let everyone know, overall I am 1000% satisfied with SEC and feel it is the best option for any new site.
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      Edwin Rivera Here are my two cents!
      1. How we can improve or change the Mobile Design independently? Also, could we develop some documentation as seen with the widgets and themes (they are simple/helpful)?. Mobile applications are also key of success.


      2. How we can share multiple or combination of posts (topic/link/photo etc.) in a single post?

      I think those changes will help to improve the standards of SE cloud. However, we truly believe on this platform and we are not going back to SE PHP or other platforms that we carefully assessed; since I do not think that there is a platform as trendy/funcional/reliable/fast and constantly improving as SEC and with a great support team/global community/software development team. Together and focused, we will beat competition and we will create great niche communities.
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    Happy Valentine's Day!
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    Harlem Shake v3 (office edition)
    Have you guys seen any of these videos going around the last 24 hours? (Of course you have!)

    Happy Friday everyone.
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      seTweaks haha I saw this one yesterday. didn't know its viral.
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    Community Feedback: How Can We Work With Developers Better?
    Hey everyone,

    Hope you all had a great weekend!

    We've been trying to think of ways here at SocialEngine to work with our great group of 3rd party developers better. Now, we have our own ideas but I wanted to ask you, our awesome Cloud community, and see what you thought!

    Thanks guys.
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      David Grubs Hey [250,Drew Frey], Thanks for that question. Here are my suggestions.

      1) Uservoice. Either start an SE profile or create a version on the SocialEngine site. This way developers can see what is in development and we can rank what we would like. http://www.uservoice.com/feedback/

      2) App Store. I think in both SE Cloud and SE PHP you can develop a way for 3rd party developers to store thier apps, widgets, and themes on your server. This way we know you guys approve of the app and we can feel a little better with purchasing through you instead of different developer sites. SEMods did this for SE3. Not to mention, you can really cut down the piracy. http://community.socialengine.com/post/9131/se-app-store

      3) Updates. Keep the weekly updates coming. I look forward to each update you guys have. Even if its saying "we are close to the next update". :)

      4) Maybe start a wiki site. Developers could really break down both SE PHP and SE Cloud for everyone. The community can really help each other if given the right tools. I can imagine wanting to know what a certain piece of code was in SE PHP. By going to the wiki site, I could find my answer and leave you guys more time developing and improving.

      Just my thoughts.
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      Eugene One single public request - bug&improvements tracking system for SE PHP.
      Possibly with level restrictions or invite-only access to keep it sane.
      We need to see bugs that were already reported and versions where they were fixed.
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      seTweaks 1) App listing, not like the current one for SE PHP where we can see buggy plugins from 15 years old developers and themes with the design of 90's styles! You're choosing quantity over quality. that hurts both buyers and developers.

      This is your best rated theme for SE 4 PHP when clients are looking to change their theme :

      Does that look right to you? presenting your theme directory with that theme and the rest 90% of the themes that just changed the menu color and selling it as a theme?

      2) More support dedication to developers - [250,Drew Frey] you know I've been reporting that bug for 4 months now!

      3) Your custom developers listing is a joke! it look likes a link building directory! take a look at these developer profiles :


      And the other 80% of the list!

      You're not just hurting the real developers but the clients too. We always receive emails from potential clients that they got ripped off from these so called "SE developers" and now they're even scared to trust us because they're getting ripped all the time! you're throwing your loyal developers in this junk list. why not rewarding your royal developers with some kind of badge? there was a "Recommended" tag for us and other good developers before but now we're one of those junk listing. you have to setup an approval system for both plugins/themes and developers.

      4) An API to confirm that a potential client has a valid SE PHP license. we want to provide live demo of themes to people with valid license to prevent piracy. Asking for their username and password for their client area is not a good idea. this is a real simple API that can be built in 3 hours top.

      I can't tell anything about SE Cloud, we don't even have access to it :) I would like to hear your own ideas.
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    Community Feedback: Board Theme Actions
    What type of buttons would you like to see on our 'board theme' and would you like to be able to customize them?

    Let us know!

    Thanks everyone.

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    Community Feedback: rel=author
    Chances are you caught the article with the picture attached to it, even if it wasn't the first listing.

    The rel=author tag not only includes the picture from the authors Google+ profile but also includes all kinds of great SEO features.

    Should we integrate this into each user profile?

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      Drew Frey Just in case you haven't heard, Cloud is now mobile friendly! http://www.socialengine.com/blog/2012/10/19/socialengine-now-supports-mobile/
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      Rick Von Ruden I agree with Jeff. For me the mobile web is extremely important and I see you are working mobile themes for both themes. I need lists to work extremely well in the mobile theme preferably the stream theme.
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      Jeff Yes, but way later....after the mobile web, API, data import (with forums and private messages), etc. :)
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    What Social Network Should We Integrate Next?
    LinkedIn or Google+

    Which one would be more helpful to you?
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      Edwin Rivera LinkedIn is imperative and I would prioritize it over other social networks- Some of our networks will target specific niche markets (i.e. professionals) and the integration with Linked in will be imperative for our success. Please include it in the Sign-in process, the Invite friends section and other areas that can be integrated as Facebook/Twitter.
      Thanks for your continued improvements and outstanding job with SE Cloud. We truly appreciate it.
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      s.ziyad [250,Drew Frey] tumblr ......! every site needs a blog !
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      Drew Frey Thanks for all of the feedback guys!
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