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    Need feedback: Likes vs. Upvotes
    I have a question for everyone. For your SE Cloud site, do you plan to use up/downvotes or likes for reactions to posts and comments?

    We are trying to know what we should make the default for new SE Cloud sites. Thanks!
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      monti I would use likes because i don't want any negativity. a user getting down voted heavily will probably never come back again.
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      Kimmie It should be "likes" only. I have chosen to use up/down voting for my site and came up with a cool way down votes are to be used. At least I think it's cool ;-).
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      Soundman i like the up/down arrows.
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    SE5 beta leaderboard!
    The SE5 admin panel keeps track of who is accumulating the most points, based on votes, likes, comments, etc. Here are the current stats for this site!

    We've just developed a leaderboard widget that will let you display this info right on the site, too!
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    Beta community stats so far
    From the admin panel. :)
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      Alex Benzer SE5 has native integration for Google Analytics. There's even a whole settings page dedicated to it in the admin panel.
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      Drew Frey @Alexander , we've made it really easy to connect your Fan Page to SE5. Just like with Google Analytics and Twitter, SE5 has this native integration already baked in. Thanks for the feedback!
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      David Grubs Maybe we can implement Google Analytics...
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    Some things you should know about this beta.
    Welcome everyone! Before you play around with this beta, I wanted to add a couple notes here to give you context on how it's setup:

    1. We have up/downvoting turned on instead of likes. SE5 also supports likes, and will support other custom reactions too, but for now we are testing up/downvoting here. This might change in the future.

    2. The beta is clients-only, and we'll be bringing in small batches of people daily. The goal is to discuss the basic features/UI/bugs.

    3. SE5 is extremely different from SE4, and they are really intended to be used for different use cases. Let's avoid comparisons, and focus on constructive feedback please. Thanks to the new hosted architecture, we can roll out features much more quickly than we could before!

    Thanks all. This should be fun!
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      Richard Kenworthy Like the idea of up/down feature would work nice on my network does it also have a count ie (4up 3downs)
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      Gabry Yes Alex this is true "Let's avoid comparisons, and focus on constructive feedback please" but ... i don;t think is right to call this the new SE 5 ... you are making all your clients go crazy because no one understand anything what's happening in here ... SE for most of us means applications,options to interact between users in simple words all that is having SE 3,4. From your comments at least what i have read until this moment this is a sharing script ... we are taking the links from other big websites like Facebook etc. and put them on our websites ... and ? what can i do like webmaster ? only advertising for other websites ? thank you but i want my own website with my own stuffs and i don't think that making an website with this script i can make someone to register like my user ... if someone has already a lot of comments togheter with his friends on Facebook what can be the reason for him to come and share that subject also on my website ? Im sorry for disturbing with this comment but i think i have at least this right after spending more then 2500 euros for SE4 and now ....what ? Very disappointed and running i think to phpfox ... i had big dreams with your company but you will lose all with this ... thank you .
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      Auwal You really shouldn't have called this one SE5. You should have gave an entirely new name. Nothing is wrong with the concept, just change the name and you can sell 2 products, one tailored as social graph and this one interest graph as Alex mentioned. Good work and keep it up.
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