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    Will this be possible on SEC in near future.
    Hello SEC Team

    We been thinking to move to SE php but really like the SEC and way things are going for us with our website. The most important functionality that we need is to customize input fields for different type of posts and just want to know, would it be possible for you guys to bring this functionality in near future. If its on your list of new feature then we are happy to wait instead to starting from scratch.

    Feature Explained
    We need to add custom entry fields in the topic section. We want that when posting a topic or photo user can enter that item is for sale and also price. If we can add the custom fields from admin area in any of the post type or even create a new post type with its own attributes it would be great feature and I guess it will boost every community.

    Hope I am able to make you understand what I meant. Will post a photo to show what I meant.


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    Why SE Cloud never update before making change
    Just want to know why cloud subscribers never get a update when new release get published automatically?

    Why its so important -
    Today when we opened our website www.AquariumWall.com "Hall Of Fame"
    module is showing all the members instead of showing top contributor.
    No one touched or changed anything on our side. I am not even sure when it was changed by SE as I just noticed it.

    Seriously this is not only annoying but doesn't reflect good on any companies image.

    Hope this simple thing can be taken care...

    Cheers, Jag
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      Kimmie I agree. It would be a good way for us to Blog about the changes and updates too.
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      JAG Thanks for fixing it quickly Matthew.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan I mentioned this point many times. A simple post by SE officer on the community is a good way to inform creators about any changes in their network.
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    How to SE Cloud to SE PHP
    Hello Everyone

    We are looking for options to move to SE PHP, we do love cloud but lots of features are missing and our end users want more and more.

    We realised that to do all that we need to move to SE PHP. Did any one had any experience doing that. What issues and problem can be there.... still thinking but any guidance from experienced users would be appreciated.

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      seTweaks Currently there's no SE Cloud to SE PHP data importer however the application can be developed by a SE developer.
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    Priority Support Service
    Hi SE Staff

    Can there be any chance to have a high priority support service which can be made paid in case something is critical and need to be addressed quick.

    Why I thought it should be an option, today we are having problem accessing our website, we can't even access admin area and as its all hosted on your server the only way to address is to write a support ticket.

    Support tickets sometime get answered quick and sometime it takes up to 24 hours which is alright in most cases and I never had issue with that but today really want to get this answered as soon as possible or at least something to tell us status of our hosting account.

    I think our hosting account should have some sort of warning/ service status display area to show health of our hosted account / server.

    Hope it can be sorted out quick.

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      Kimmie I had this issue as well. I was not able to view my site by domain but could view it voicebee.socialengine.com. In the Admin Panel (Site Info) I had my domain listed as voicebee.com. Then I changed it to www.voicebee.com and it corrected the issue. Hope this solves your issue.
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      Jung Kim Hi Jag, I can't seem to find a support ticket from you, but you need to update your DNS IP to Please open a ticket and ask for me if you have any questions!
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      JAG Thanks [1007,VoiceBee] and [124,Bogdan].
      Yes http://aquariumwall.socialengine.com/ is working and I will be checking my domain name configuration to see what got changed.

      Cheers, Jag
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    Our New Facebook Cover
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    AquariumWall.com - Thank to SE
    Launched our website www.AquariumWall.com couple of months back and got A+ support for SE team. Best part is our community is growing fast and they loving the new gallery based aquarium community.

    Really enjoying the cloud and hope to develop more on this platform.

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      Danny I second [1007,VoiceBee] I like it
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      Denise Jag
      I like your site very much. We are launching www.gnosh.metrocooking.com in a few days. I like the way you added the Wall of Fame, stats, advertising block and other info in the left gutter. Would you mind sharing how you did that? I would like to do something similar. I'm pretty new to SEC. THANK YOU,
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      JAG Thanks [250,Drew Frey] [228,Danny]. I will post some more ideas we want to implement soon.
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    Creating another drop down
    Hi Everyone

    Is it possible or any one got idea how to create an another drop down like "Everything" with different set of categories.

    Our cloud community is really in need of classified section.
    I am thinking to create a "Classified" drop down with its set of categories E.g For Sale, Want to Buy, etc

    Thanks in advance.
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      s.ziyad Multiple categories and Multi-level categories....we need it fast ! [37,Alex Benzer] [52,Jung Kim]