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    Our dev team after a push
    yay! gif!
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    3rd Party Themes
    Hey guys! I was wondering how theme development has been going. Is there any annoying work around you guys had to deal with?

    If you made some cool customizations with the theme please show off your site in the comments! I would love to see what you guys have been doing with customization.
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      Eugene We have ported one of our themes to SE Cloud. But it is almost impossible for non-tech clients to install themes. They need to upload all images separately via Media Manager, get urls then edit css and upload it.
      That's an overkill for most of people.
      One more thing is that there are still no dev. accounts. We will need at least one account per theme for demos and one account for ongoing development.
      Currently we don't plan any development for SE Cloud yet. It seems most of clients' interest shifted back to SE 4 as well.
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      Jeff I customized mine, got it looking sweet on desktop and mobile, prepaid my $500 for a one year account, then the big mobile change you made over a month a go broke it. I was told customizations would be supported on mobile, but my site is now worthless. On October 25th (Ticket #48599), I requested either a fix, account credit, or a refund and I have heard NOTHING back. Between that and no updates on import scripts or an API, I get the feeling you are not very serious about this product.
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      seTweaks [52,Jung Kim] an "Edit File" option in Media Manager for CSS files is useful.

      Just to edit a style in the uploaded CSS file I had to edit the local file, upload it again and change the reference in the header.
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    Board Theme Update
    Hey guys, we updated the board theme. Best way to fully experience it is to "restore original" here - http://community.socialengine.com/admin/theme.

    If you guys heavily modified the templates, I suggest downloading the current one and restoring it to the original and then manually reimplementing the changes.
    Some of the key highlights are:
    1. Better use of "lists" (see screenshot).
    2. Better gallery view when using "data-gallery-mode" in the template view (http://community.socialengine.com/admin/help/templates#widget-feed)
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    Helping you guys understand the flexibility of our template
    Hello! I have been seeing few comments and posts complaining about the "steam theme". Our templating system is extremely flexible. But this could sound like a PR statement. :) So to demonstrate this, I decided to make SE5 look somewhat like facebook in only about 5 minutes.

    Here is the CSS code (you guys can try this by adding the code using something like FireBug):
    #header #menu > ul.nav > li
    display: block;
    #header #menu {
    float: left;
    margin-top: 20px;
    padding-right: 10px;
    width: 100px;
    .posts .comments_wrapper {
    display: block;
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      Drew Frey Amazing [52,Jung Kim] ! So if this only took you 5 mins, just imagine the possibilities here!
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      Matt Macias Awesome, [52,Jung Kim]! Our CSS is visible when you view source for anyone eager for a head start on theme building... ;)
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      Greg Barnett I agree with [42,Matt Macias] and [250,Drew Frey] that is awesome [52,Jung Kim] love the flexibility and actually prefer the familiar format *cheers*
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    NightFall !