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    Allow rich content?
    Does anyone know what "Allow rich content?" is under Posts in Admin? Thanks
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      Kyle <i>Italic Text</i> should work <b>Bold Too</b> maybe a <a href="">Link</a>

      We don't allow rich content on this site so none of those will actually show up, but if you were to paste that into a site that does allow rich content the first test would be italicized, then the next would be bolded and the third piece would be a link to Google.
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      Kyle This allows for the posting of multimedia and/or html content.
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    Redirecting on Cloud
    [52,Jung Kim] Possible to have an option where a site can have a landing page, but when a member logs in we can have it go directly to a different home page.

    basically separating a non-member from a logged in member.
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      Shaun Harding You can technically do that with a little Javascript:

      $(document).ready(function() {
      if( ) {
      window.location = '/<PAGE URI GOES HERE>'
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    Follow "Lists"
    [52,Jung Kim] Possible to allow users to Follow "Lists" on a future update?

    Hope everyone is doing well on SE!!
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      Jung Kim I'll add this to our feature list!
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      s.ziyad I have added more than 10 lists(topics) to a user. I cannot use the extra lists nor can i delete them? Does anyone know how to allow more than 10 lists? How do i delete unusable lists?
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    Hello SE Community!
    It's been about two weeks since we last posted an update. As always we appreciate your feedback and learn a lot from posts we see through the SE community. We have added additional things to the site to make it user friendly, and help with our theme as in the "Scores & More" section along with simple things most overlook.

    As always we are happy to be a part of the SE family!

    Special Mention: [250,Drew Frey] [2440,Robin] [52,Jung Kim] [37,Alex Benzer] Check us out and give any feedback :)
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      seTweaks I liked the previous one better. This one is too dark. I tried the changes below on your site and In my opinion improves it a bit :

      body { background-color:#222 }
      .posts > li { border: 1px solid #444; }
      .posts>li { background-color: #111; }
      .posts .post_photo { background-color: #111; }
      .dropdown-menu{ background-color: rgba(34,34,34, 0.97) !important; }

      If you wanna try them add them at the very bottom of the Custom CSS.
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      BumpShaman Looks great! I like the dark color scheme.

      If you don't mind me asking -- how did you add the following code for post width without messing up mobile?

      .posts > li {
      width: 218px;

      I visited your mobile site as well and it looks just fine. When I shrink my post width however... my mobile site "squishes" in tight to the left side and you can't read a thing LOL.
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      Drew Frey [5892,SportzHype] how can I change teams within the new Scores & More page? Right now it's set on Arsenal.
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    Search (not working)
    For Example: type in "Investor" which is from the post right below mine in the search field. Nothing comes up. Same thing going on at SportzHype, but seems to only pull up older posts... Please advise [52,Jung Kim] [38,Shaun Harding] :) Thanks!
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    Hope everyone is well! We have made some tweaks since day one with SE, nothing to crazy all to make it user friendly and SIMPLE. Would love the SE community to give us some feedback on what you think about the site? Good or Bad we will take it as we all know you are going through the same things we are.

    Special Thanks to [52,Jung Kim] [2440,Robin] [250,Drew Frey] [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] [1007,VoiceBee] [228,Danny] for helping us this far with opinions etc.
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    Popular Tags used by members
    [37,Alex Benzer] [52,Jung Kim] [38,Shaun Harding] Can you explain in semi-detail how exactly SE set it up to pull popular tags and from where? We are working on something with it but having issues where info might be coming from. Thanks
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    Search Error
    Are you guys getting the same error on your site? I tried it on this SE site and it pops up also. Try searching "robin" and hit enter, at times it works and most of the time it shows internal error... Thoughts?
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    [250,Drew Frey] [52,Jung Kim] [37,Alex Benzer] Just wanted to start with you guys are always the best and have always attended to all our needs. So please do not take this in the wrong way. I run my site like I do a business, and just like you probably do I want to know when something might happen. If all possible, could you please help SportzHype and all other SE members by giving a heads up when the site will go down and a rough estimate of how long? I rather plan for it, then get caught of guard. Thanks and have a great weekend!

    SportzHype Team
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      Jung Kim Thanks for the feedback! Apologizes and I agree 100%. We will be working on a solution for this.

      Anyways I am excited about this push. We have some pretty awesome features! :) We'll be blogging about the features shortly.
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      Kimmie Yes, that would be helpful. Thanks.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Agree.. An email or anything.. Just a heads up :D

      Love what I have found for now tho..
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    Thank You!!!
    SportzHype wanted to say thank you to all the voted in the SE community for our new logo, we have officially implemented our new logo along with some color adjustment throughout the SportzHype community and feel it is much smoother.

    Thanks again!
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      Danny When I visit the site I do not see the V or R button on post not until I scroll down and the page loads more post I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.
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      Danny Cool , I like the new logo and the new header.....I promise not to copy it.
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      Kimmie Now that's what I'm talking about. This looks awesome. I love clean and simple and this design is way better. The other one looked good too, but I really do like this much better. Good job.
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    Help ONE more time! (Top 3) SportzHype
    We narrowed down our logos to Top 3. Please take time to rate each one, and maybe comment on some. Thank for your Support!

    P.S. Sorry to bother you guys!
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      Edwin Rivera Submitted. Still prefer #179.
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      SportzHype Thanks to all the voted, we all did a survey with 500 people and #222 won followed by #179. [134,Edwin Rivera] [250,Drew Frey] [1007,VoiceBee] [2440,Robin] [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] [9009,Jeffuk]
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      SportzHype Thanks again everyone!
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    Need your HELP Please ! SportzHype
    Hello everyone! We are working on a new logo design and need YOUR help as an outsider looking in. Please click on link below and help rate some potential logos, we went from 200+ and narrowed it down to Top 8. Please HELP!
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    It's been a long time!
    Hope all is well SE community, it's been awhile since I updated you all but have 100% read many of your posts, such awesome people!!! Not to mention great work on a lot of your sites!

    If any of you have a moment we have went top 240k in the Alexa rating, which is very good in our eyes. We would love it if any of you could view our site and take 2 min to do a review on our alexa stats page below? Thanks for all you guys do!
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      SportzHype [250,Drew Frey] [1007,VoiceBee] [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] Thanks for the comments, I am a big fan of social networking and use it to my advantage to reach a wide range of individuals. I mainly use Twitter for most of my marketing efforts. Also Thanks [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] for checking out the site and posting a couple of things. If you guys see anything I can add, let me know! Hope all is well!
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      Drew Frey We'd love to hear how you've done so much in such a little amount of time! I know that [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] was implementing some SEO best practices earlier.
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      Kimmie This is AWESOME news and I am so happy for you. You site is climbing at rocket speed! CONGRATS! Care to share practices you use to grow? ;-)
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