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    Uploading MP3 Bug
    Like previously posted, I would like to give bands and artist the opportunity to create a profile and in addition to showcasing their songs from SoundCloud, would also like to give them the option to upload their songs the PalFarm. At the moment, when uploading a MP3 I get the following error (See screenshot).
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      PalFarm I forgot to mention that I'm using SE Cloud.
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    Can this icon be changed!
    How can we or could we or in the future can you change this icon to something a little prettier. At the moment, it is not clear what this icon represent.
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      Jung Kim I don't see it on your site ( but this can be done by editing the CSS. It should be a background image.
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      Kimmie [73,seTweaks], yes it seems to be with upload only.
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      PalFarm The little blue icon next to PalFarm.png
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    SoundCloud Integration SE Cloud
    I'm not sure if this would be posible in the future for SE Cloud. On my site, I encourage bands to create profiles and get new members. I already have one artist that created a profile. When posting songs from SoundCloud it currently only displays a link to that song. Would it be possible to automatically display a SoundCloud widget. I would really like to offer this functionality to my members.